09 December, 2010

Facebook Under Fire

Twins who accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing idea for Facebook launch ANOTHER lawsuit against him

Angry: Cameron, left, and Tyler Winklevoss leave a Boston court in 2007 during their first suit against Mark Zuckerberg. After settling for $65million they have now launched a second suit
The twins who have accused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of stealing the idea for the world-conquering website from them have re-started their bitter legal battle against him.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss - who both now have Facebook accounts - claim their $65million settlement is not enough because their former friend lied to them about the value of the company.

The also claim that Zuckerberg is guilty of securities fraud and are demanding he pays them an unspecified amount of extra cash.

Under fire: The twins accuse Mark Zuckerberg, above, of stealing the idea for Facebook from them in 2003
Facebook has rebuffed their claims and says in legal papers that the 29-year-old twins, famously labelled the 'Winklevii' in the film The Social Network, ‘suffered a bout of settlers' remorse’ after the original deal.

The prospect of the acrimonious row spilling out in public again would be acutely embarrassing for Zuckerberg and Facebook. (read more here)

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I guess when a website worth millions, everyone want to claim that it is their idea. So, who is the real owner of Facebook?


  1. Who's right who's wrong?65million USD not enough ka? some will stick to what they believe even if they have to lose everything just to stake their claim....hahahah

    my son just watched the show"social network" and he wanted to be a billionaire too,,, i will be super rich daddy already hahahahahah

  2. mmg la ba..kalau org kaya, mcm2 halangan dia.. dengki kali.. but we don't know who's in the good side juga kan..hehe

  3. Gitu laitu kan... haishhhhh... sia la klu gitu! kikiki...

  4. alala..d saman lagi ni..aiya..sepa tipu sapa

  5. When somebody is very successful, someday someone will claim that it was their ideas...

  6. kite tunggu dan lihat lagi. yeah!

  7. bila dah popular macam2 datang...mula semua orang mau share padahal tak pernah tolong pon.setakat pernah bercakap sapa2 pon boleh.

  8. @Eugene

    I don't know, maybe the amount is too small for them or maybe it is the pride they want to protect...

    p/s Good Luck to your son :) I hope he can achieve his dream...

  9. @Stella

    Betul tu, siapa pun boleh cakap whatever he want. Bijak lagi tu sampai kita tidak dapat detect siapa salah siapa betul...haha

  10. @Just

    Bukan kita 2 orang kah tu, dorang yang curi idea kita kan...hahahaha

  11. @Beaty

    Kita tunggu dan lihat saja lah :)

  12. @Gunsirit

    Ya, semua pun begitu kan...Cuba kalau di Facebook tidak mendatangkan untung, tiada orang peduli tu...

  13. @Gadis Bunga

    Who knows, maybe tomorrow ada orang lain lagi yang claim the Facebook is their idea...hahaha
    Hidup ni penuh dengan drama saman menyaman :)

  14. @Biskut

    Saya SETUJU. Kalau saya jadi yang adik-beradik tu, cukup lah dapat tu 65 million. Use the money to start something new and fresh. Kalau mau berebut tu Facebook, entah sampai berapa keturunan baru selesai...


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