22 December, 2010

Being Short

I am the eldest and the shortest in the family. Believe it or not, my height does not exceed 5 feet. Okay, I am not kidding…that is a real fact about me :)

The world is made up of people who are all different. Unless you have an identical twin it is very hard to find two people who are both the same. Differences in people are generally obvious. People vary regarding their shape, weight, features and complexion.

One of the main differences in life that can be very personal to a person is their height. Someone might feel they are short when they compare themselves to other people and gain an inferiority complex as a result. This is a sensitive issue for them. ( source : Is Being Short a Problem? )

Not for me. I mean, I don’t care for being short. Height is not a problem for me. Of course lah, sometimes when I watch ladies doing modeling…I was like, OMG I wish I have long legs like them. BUT we must appreciate for what we are because the difference can make you a unique person.  And do you know that there also an advantages for being short? I ask Mr. Google, let’s check it out together what Mr. Google said…

1. You can fit in to a lot of stuff like a locker to hide from bullies

2. You can go under houses to clean for a lot of money.

3. You are able to be a flyer in cheerleading.

4. Guys and girls love snuggling with a short person.

5. Short people are better dancers.

6. Being able to do the limbo without breaking your back.

7. People always mistaken you as a school children (it always happen to me…haha)

The disadvantages of being short

1. Roller coasters like tall people.

2. Sorry no slam dunks for us.

3. Short people are more afraid of heights.

4. We don't have our feet hanging over the bed when we are asleep. 
Okay, this entry is just for fun. Don’t take the advantage and disadvantage things seriously. What I want to say is short person can wear their height with some pride without worry because attitude is more important then height.

P/s Due to unexpected reason, I will give you the Set 2 Question next week.


  1. Tia pa bh...yang penting kiut bh mandak

  2. True we should appreciate for what we are..

  3. hahaha...sama la kita...aku pun dibawah 5 feet tapi cool la...orang salu ckp aku cute ba hahaha...paling teruk uncle aku pnh ingat aku baru darjah 5...sebab dia lama x nampak aku kan...xpandai tinggi2 hahaha...

  4. tinggi pun bkn cantik! kikikiki...
    next week ka? hrp2 sia dpt join... huhuhu..

  5. @Beaty

    I like that, yang penting kiut :)

  6. @Stella

    Anugerah Tuhan kan, terima lah dengan hati terbuka :) No need to change anything...

  7. @Nor Adzwaty Rokkafella

    Lucu kan...dulu urang selalu tanya mana saya skul dan tingkatan berapa. Saya kelentong baru 17 tahun, padahal time tu 25 sudah...hehehe

  8. @Just

    Saya jeles tingu kaki urang tinggi ja..hehe
    Jangan lupa, next week...Dapat join tu, saya buka untuk beberapa hari juga...

  9. sekalipun tinggimu tidak sampai 5kaki,tapi jane tetap cute!hihi

  10. cik tom punye ketinggian 149cm je..takpe rendah kan cute..hihi

  11. Saya rasa sya ada satu post yang sama hehehe..being short juga..ehhe

  12. @Cik Tom

    Lebih kurang sama je height kita nie :)

  13. @Gunsirit

    Yakah?? Nanti saya bungkar di blog ko yang ensem tu...hehe


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