18 December, 2010

Weekend Already

Morning :)
Smile everyone, its weekend and its holiday (for me lah)...hahaha
Sorry again, no books to share today. Just a ramblings from my heart...
I know most of you working today but I still want to know what do you plan for today, I mean after you finish working...hehehe
Yeaaah, we are going shopping today. Last minute shopping, after this will be super duper busy with our preparations for Christmas at the Chapel...hohoho. Okay, I think thats all I want to say for now. We are going to conquer the town :) 

p/s Don't forget to join the Giveaway fun. I must say that I am enjoying myself reading your answers...hihihi 


  1. Gud morning sumandak...and Merry Xmas in advance..heee

  2. aku hari nih pegi buat scuba diving kat perairan pulau bintan...nak join?


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