09 August, 2010

Are You Color Blind?

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I wish that all of us were Color Blind so there would be no racism, wars, double-standard or whatever you name it. Our world now a days, wars drama plaguing tv's and papers. Everyone want to claim their right over a piece of land, and for what? Only God knows why some of these crazy peoples stole others life for their own good. 

I am glad for where I am now. A place where you don't have to scan bushes or buildings looking for grenades. A place where you can walk freely without worry for getting ambush. I am not saying that our land were 100% perfect. Well, nothing is perfect. There are problems here and there but the authority still can handle it.

Wah, I sound too serious...LOL.

Dinner is ready, I have to go. I will leave you with this simple yet very meaningful video.

::Tan Hong Ming In Love by the late Yasmin Ahmad ::

Yasmin Ahmad was one in a million, its a pity she's gone too soon. I really enjoy watching her films especially TV commercial..  


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