26 August, 2010

More Rubbish Please!!!

:: City Hall in a never ending fight against trash at Tanjung Lipat ::

Kota Kinabalu City Hall is fighting a losing battle against tonnes of rubbish that are being swept from Pulau Gaya to Tanjung Lipat in Kota Kinabalu by the southwest monsoon, according to city officials. Since July, 10 City Hall labourers have been trying to clear the trash every day but to no avail.

“We collect 80 gunny sacks of rubbish from the sea at Tanjung Lipat every day,” says Robert Lipon, City Hall’s head of health and urban services department. “We clear the trash in the morning, but it is back again in the afternoon.”

Lipon says the collected trash is sent to the 45-hectare (362-acre) landfill at Kayu Madang in Telipok, about 20km from Kota Kinabalu.

City Hall worries that the dumpsite might not be able to cope with increasing rubbish beyond 2015, according to Lipon.

Environmentalists are concerned over the amount of rubbish that is being dumped into the sea, saying that they fear that plastic trash may leach toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) into the sea which then threatens marine life and people.

BPA is blamed for a host of illnesses from brain damage in infants and very young children, to endocrine disorders, most cancers such as breast and prostate cancers, diabetes, sexual, reproductive and heart diseases. 
(Reporting and picture by Ng Jia Xiang)
Source Insight Sabah

Ni lah masalah kalau tiada kesedaran sivik. Suka hati ja buang sampah merata tempat...Tahun 2020 negara lain sudah jauh membangun, silap-silap kita hidup dalam timbunan sampah! Siapa yang mau dipersalahkan?? Semua tuding jari sama DBKK, siap cakap lagi...nanti DBKK tiada kerja kalau semua buang sampah dalam tong sampah. Tiada tamadun langsung!


  1. Morning sunshine...
    Lain kali kena ingat la, kalau ada sampah tu bawak la pigi mana2, jumpa tong sampah baru buang.

  2. Thats the way it should be my dear friend :)


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