12 August, 2010

Puncak Borneo Resort

Welcome to Puncak Borneo Resort.

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Puncak Borneo Resort is located at Tinompok, right at the junction to Kampung  (Kg) Bundu Tuhan. Despite the fact that I was born at Kg. Bundu Tuhan, this is the first time I went to this resort.

~ It was a cloudy day during our visit. My fiance was trying very hard to look through the mist with his small ~

Actually, the main purpose we came to this place was taking pictures and to enjoy the breathtaking view. But one thing leads to another, so we end up sampling the food at the resort's cafe. LOL...

~ you can play a game while waiting for the meal to be serve ~

~ Overall, the food was quite good with a reasonable price ~

~ One of my uncle was working at the cafe. 
Two thumbs up for the service...hehehe ~

The cafe, namely Panorama Cafe is surrounded with glass walls giving its interior a very spacious look so you can eat and enjoy the panorama at the same time. In addition, this resort has one of the best views of Mount Kinabalu.

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The resort also provides 10 rooms which divided to 5 types namely Deluxe, Executive, Single, Single Superior and Family Room. There are 2 unit of each type of room. So next time, if you are not sure where to spend the weekend or holidays, try Puncak Borneo Resort. For more info about this place, please click here


  1. BESTNYE!!!! bila la agaknye aku nak sampai sini.

  2. serius nie Faizal??? tak pernah sampai sini???
    sy lagilah best, tiap tahun pulang kg tp tak pernah lah singgah. sekadar menjeling jakk...hahaha

  3. Uik. Mcm siok jak ni tempat jane....

  4. Memang siok Bel...
    makanan dia pun sedap...nyum nyum

  5. lalu tu pernah la. macam ko jugak singgah bundu tuhan beli sayur jeh. hehehehe

  6. sungguh tajam kata2 mu itu...hehehe

  7. npa pic sy skit ja ni..haha

  8. astaga, itupun mau di pertikaikan...hahaha
    sorou poh haro boh Nang...


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