15 August, 2010

Crime Scene Investigation

It was raining outside. Although I am grateful because the temperature will be cooler but it was annoying (just a little bit...hehehe). I was suppose to layan my favorite TV show every sunday from 12pm to 3pm and guess what....I am the one who must control my own temper right now. Do you want to know why?? Look at the picture below...I was like OMG! I pay for it and look what I got. Everytime the rains come, my TV will get free text message!

Looks like I will have to wait for the re-play tonight, 9pm to 12am. Meet me at AXN (701) if you are interested. Oh, I am talking about CSI Las Vegas, CSI New York and CSI Miami


  1. sabarlah uols! sini pon hujan.

  2. dah cukup sabar lah nie...
    cuma terasa nak pasang 'periuk besar' kat belakang rumah...hahahaha

  3. my friend said, tutup pakai botol tu antenna sure still dapat siaran wlpun ujan2..hahha...

  4. pengesahan dari siapa nie...hahaha

  5. Hahahahaha....
    Sabar tu separuh dari iman mandak.... ["p]
    sama la kita...

  6. a little bit slow..why the tittle is crime scene investigation?

  7. Hello Manji, thanks for dropping by...
    It is a strategy, makes people curious and read the content...hehehe

  8. ahaha.....I luv CSI hehehe.


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