02 August, 2010

Banana's Story

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Today, my friend Zezebel was blogging about banana.
Suddenly, a memory hit me…

When I was young, life was not easy. I came from a big family, 10 siblings + my parents. Our parents do everything they can to support the family and to make sure that all of us can get better education.
My mum used to plant banana. Although we have lots of banana, we cannot grab and eat the fruit just like that. Because my mum had to sell it and money from the selling were to buy food, for school etc…
That was around 15 years ago. Still, the thought of it can bring tears to my eyes.   

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We have a better life now. Mum doesn’t have to plant banana anymore. We just want her to enjoy her life and doing only the easy work. And guess what, if we want to eat banana, we have to buy it from the market. How’s that?? LOL.


  1. yaa...the experiences were precious. Its like a school to us..
    When you reach the top, don't forget the peoples or whatever experiences you face all the way to the top..
    Someday they/it might help you in your life...

  2. Hidup.....kena sentiasa beringat....

  3. We share the same story jane.
    Glad that our parents are the best in the worlds.

  4. Wooow Jane.
    I too experience similar past situation. My family don't own much but my parents try their best to educate us.
    I will remember that for my whole life and try my best to take care of my parents even that I am far away from them.
    Your post make me missed them.
    Cry out loud in my heart now~

  5. Che Kay...benar belaka. Jgn sdh terantuk baru nak tergadah...

    Zezebel, I am glad too for having a parents like that. I thank God everyday in my life for giving me the opportunity to take care of my parents...

    lunaticg, just let the tears of joy flow. I am agree with you, just do the best for our parents while we still can..nothing can compare for what they have done to us, make them the happiest and proud parents on earth.


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