27 August, 2010


the review :

This film is about a dog that believes his friend is in grave danger. What he does not know is that he is the star of a reality TV show.

Who would have thought Bolt would be so thrilling and entertaining! The opening action sequence is rushed with adrenaline, it excites me even though it is an animation! The plot is intelligent, interesting and fun, the great thing is that it entertains without the need of any toilet or gross out humour. The super-bark and laser eye scenes are so hilarious, in a cute and mesmerising way. In addition, the transition of Bolt from being a super dog to realising he he has no powers is very well presented, that it makes me feel sad for Bolt. The animation is flawless, and all the characters in the animation are super cute. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Bolt, I think it makes perfect family entertainment. 

Have you watch this movie? I love and enjoy it very much! Maybe it is just a cartoon character but I learn a lot from it. Friendship for example...When a friendship test to the limit, true friend will never leave you behind no matter what. Just like Rhino (the hamster) said "If Bolt's taught me anything, it's that you never abandon a friend at a time of need!"  

Bolt was the main character in this movie but my favorite was the fully~awesome~Rhino. He worshiped Bolt (hahaha), very energetic and not afraid of anything.
I am not sure if the DVD still available in the store because the movie was released 2 years ago. But if you want to see it and cannot find the DVD anymore, try You Tube...hehe


  1. Aik Jane.
    What happen to your title?
    Everytime I click them, its go to your post source. Something wrong ka?

  2. Already repair..hehe
    telampau gatal tangan kan ;)


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