14 August, 2010

What's For Weekend?

What a beautiful Saturday's morning...
The sun was smiling brightly, not sure what the climate will looks like in the afternoon because the weather is so unpredictable these days. I have to work today, thank God it is just a half day (yawning)...will go straight to home after this.

My books was just arrived. Maybe I will spend my weekend reading...hehehe
How about you??
~ Noty likes to spend his weekend on his favorite spot ~
~ he said, Back off! Go find your own spot...hahaha ~


  1. To Noty: Tidak kasi makan ko nanti baru tau. Hehehehe....

    Di mana juga dia tidur tu jane?

  2. Dpn rumah kami ada batu besar Bel, mcm batu belah batu btangkup...hahaha
    sana lah c Noty selalu lepak nie...

  3. Ohhhhh I love the photo of the dog!!! I love dog! I have a dog back home too at my parents' place. :)

    PS: Thank you for dropping by my blog at ;)

  4. bikin malu tul duku ni nda pandai malu nampak lolou haha!

  5. haha.. this is James familia's bodyguard. TO the stranger: don't come any nearer, otherwise i'll bite ur ass! hahahaha XD

  6. CJane, thanks for dropping by too..Noty is an awesome dog! We have lot of dogs at home. We love them very much and consider them as a family because they are very loyal!

    Donny, atukoi dia...kasitau gia sy mana buli boli seluar untuk anjing...hahahaha

    Joan, Noty will only bite if he sense something that wasn't right about the stranger...hehehe

  7. mandak,na saya kasi pinjam la seluar pindik saya sikijap...nanti kau kasi balik tauu :)

  8. Buli bah kalau kau jgn komplen kalau ada kagal kio...hehehehe


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