09 September, 2010

Gotong Royong

Sejak dari dulu lagi, khususnya masyarakat Melayu, gotong-royong diamalkan sebagai sebahagian daripada cara hidup atau adat resam mereka. Kini, selepas kemerdekaan atau lebih tepat lagi, selepas pengwujudan Dasar Kubudayaan Kebangsaan pada tahun 1973, gotong-royong telah dimartabatkan sebagai salah satu nilai sosioekonomi kebangsaan dalam usaha pembentukan bangsa Malaysia.

Gotong royong means working together on something without asking for anything in return.

Last week, I joined a gotong royong organized by Chapel Our Lady Star Of The Sea committee. The goal was to clear the inside out of the new chapel. The activity got a positive respond both from the elderly and the youth. It is good to have the youth taking part in this activity, so they can learn and carry out the culture in the future.

We start at 8am. One of the benefits you can gain from gotong royong is you can finish the work more quickly because there are many people work together on it. Besides, you will not feel tired because you share the work. The most important thing is, during gotong royong we will able to get closer to each other so we can build a better community.

We finish at 1pm. I really like this part…hahaha. We had lunch together. There were a lot of foods on the table because each family brings their own. For me, sharing the meal is like a mutual connection with each other. It doesn’t matter what kind of food you bring, only eat, share and give thanks for what we have.        

I am glad (proud actually…hehe) that this culture still exists in our modern era and hopefully the citizen will practice this culture continuously.

How about you, have you ever join a gotong royong? What kind of experience you gained from it?    


  1. Sedapnya makan ramai-ramai lepas gotong royong kan mandak? Hehehehe...

  2. Ya, hehehe...
    dua tiga piring tu tambah...


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