01 September, 2010

Rhythm Of The Falling Rain

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It was raining in our area right now, not raining like cats and dogs but still enough to make you soaked if you went outside. Some people consider rain as a bless. But most of us think that rain is an annoying thing and whether you like it or not, rain can ruin your perfectly planned day! hahaha...    

As I listen to the falling rain, I feel so grateful for the roof over my head to protect me from whatever kind of weather. At the same time, I thought about the homeless people out there...They must be cold, alone and hungry. 

Here we are, enjoying the comfort of home but do remember some people are not that lucky. So I guess we should give thanks for everything and pray for those in need.   

I must be crazy! I mean for overreacting such a simple thing like rain...but sincerely, that is me. A simple plain sumandak who are crazy about books and loves to see things from the different angle. 
Thanks for reading my ramblings tonight. I was out of topic so I just wrote whatever crossed my mind. And of course, please forgive my grammar ^ ^

Do you like rain? 

Good night everyone!


  1. lama sudah saya tidak bergembira dengan hujan. time kanak-kanak dulu, asal hujan, mesti main dan mandi hujan..:)

  2. musim hujan bah sabar jalah kan.....nda dapat pergi ladang gatah ni

  3. Kay, samalah...kadang2 mcm nak lompat2 di lopak2 tu, tapi takut kena cakap sumandak gila. hehehe...

    Donny, ko pandai memutung kah??

  4. Mungkin tu ujan suruh ko diam-diam duduk rumah jak mandak. Jimat duit dia bilang. Hehehehehe....

  5. hahaha...
    malam bah Bel, sepa juga berani keluar ;)

  6. i love the rain.
    although it might be annoying at times, its soothing and makes me sleep well.

  7. Hi Arief, thanks for dropping by ;)
    I forgot to mention that rain can help us sleep better...
    But if your area are the 'banjir' spot, you might not sleep that peaceful...


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