21 September, 2010

When Baby Brother Is Not A Baby Brother Anymore

Seriously, what will happen when your baby brother is not a baby brother anymore? 

Yesterday our youngest brother turn 17 and we throw him a big party. Hahaha….just kidding. It was just a simple dinner attended by the family and a few close friends ^ ^
No special dishes, we just cooked whatever we found in the kitchen and inside the freezer. What makes the moment special was, we make a haste to prepare the dinner when suddenly..................blackout! Yeah right, now we can have a candlelight dinner.

I cannot believe that my brother Clinton grow so fast. He is the youngest in the family so being the youngest means you can get more attention and of course being pampered. Hehe…Thank God, he didn’t act like some of the spoiled kid (I didn’t mean to insult anyone and forgive me for saying this, truth is always hurt) We did taught him that not everything you want will come easily. That is the reality of life, no short cut for success. If you want something, you have to work hard for it.

I remember years ago when he was 14 at that time. We were going to cross a busy road so I automatically (this is what eldest sister always do…hahaha) hold his hand and ready to cross when he pulled his hand and said “you are embarrassing me”. I was like OMG, “what???!!”

Clinton : You are embarrassing me

Me : For God sake, I only hold your hand so we can cross together carefully…

Clinton : I can cross this road by myself

Me : I want to make sure we can cross safely

Clinton : What if my friends saw this??? They will laugh at me…

Me : You are my brother, what’s wrong with that??

Clinton : I am not a child anymore…I can do this by my own

His answer hit me hard. I just realize that our baby brother is not a baby brother anymore. He is a grown up now and want to be treat like one >.<
It was hard to accept in the beginning but I guess I can’t , I mean we can't protect him forever. One day, he will and must face his own journey of life...
But in my heart, he will always our baby brother….sob, sob >.<
Happy Birthday Clinton…


  1. kasi terbang tu sayap sini satu mandak..haha,selamat hari lahir buatnya..semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki :) bila kau bday mandak hehe

  2. kounsikou Donny ;)
    alaid poh tii...
    last suda angka 2 ni tahun...tidaaaaaak
    tudu bangat sayap kanto kamah...hahaha

  3. Clinton plak nama dia ni mandak? Macam bill clinton owh. Bergambar menang gaya ni. Hehehehe....
    Happy Birthday to Clinton. You're already an awesome guy. Wish you one day will be a great Sabah leader.
    Clinton, ko belum add sya lagi kan? Hehehehehe....

  4. Memang pun nama dia sempena Bill Clinton. Pernah dia tanya kenapa nama dia ja yang lain (sebab kami semua mula dengan J ~ hehehe)
    Sebab time tu Clinton tengah hot, pasal tu lah...hahaha

    Nda payahlah dia jadi Sabah Leader Bel, saya tidak jamin oooooo....hahahaha
    Anyway, thanks for the Birthday wish. I will tell him ;)

  5. wahh..ada muka sy jga...hahahhaa

  6. bnyak makanan...tapun2...happy brthday bilang ah sma ur bro clinton...ya bahh..dia pndai malu suda bah tu..17 yrs old tu..sedangkan my 15th yr old son pun pndai malu2 kena pgng rmbut..ohoho

  7. Iri nogi boh kangku Gee...
    Ukah nunu kopio komoluan...
    Amu e kakandoh omoluan pegang tangan sama gf...hahaha

  8. mandak..napa sa nda kana jemput ni..wakakakak..

    kim salam sama dia ..happy bday kanto..nanti sa belanja kuih hr no olihuan la...hehhee

  9. haha.. sy pn prnah tu jane.. klu limpas jln, sy pgang tgn dia..tpi dia malu kaka ni..sit btl.haha

  10. Owh... Kalau sya tau aritu, sya kasi suruh dorang announce owh, "Bill Clinton" sudah datang. Hehehehe....

  11. sitt sa pu pernah kena tu sa pigang nogi tangan mau limpas jalan trus dia lapas ni issh sob..sob..:( nanti kawan2 sa nampak bilang dia ni..neway u'll be our baby brother forever..God bless..

  12. Awwww....happy birthday! He will have a girlfriend soon :)

  13. im the youngest too.. probably i will react da same way if im clinton.. haha.. its the ego i guess.. trying to act like an adult.. but deep inside.. i do want to get attention. but in a more personal way.. unseen by others.. ^^ btw.. happy belated to ur litle bro^^

  14. Ellen, bukan nda mau jemput...makan malam ja pun. nda berbaloi ko drive jauh2...hehehe
    yeah! kena belanja kuih, akan ditagih...hahaha

    Jessicca and Jessy, memang kita semua pernah kena tu...cisss bikin malu ja nie

    Bel, baik nda payah. nanti dia tambh kontrol tu...

    Jellybelly, he already have one. OMG! Can you believe that?? lol...

    Walton, are right. maybe its the ego...anyway, it is hard to disappoint whatever the youngest want...hehehe
    Clinton always ask nicely what he want but of course he had to prepare the reason because I will ask him hundreds of questions before approving ;)


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