30 September, 2010

If Women Rule...

Is the topic hot enough? Hehehe…
Seriously, if women rule are you guys will obey all the rules? But that’s not my point. Actually this morning, while ironing my cloth I watch ASTRO History Channel. The documentary was about Strange Ritual : Warrior Women. Here is the synopsis of the documentary (source : History Asia)

We live in a man's world...or do we? Three thousand years ago, the story of Amazon warriors spread among ancient Greeks. Nowadays it is dismissed as myth. But archeologist Jeannine Davis-Kimball has found evidence of women warriors in ancient gravesites in the Caucasus.

That same warrior spirit is alive and well today, as we discover in Brooklyn's all female boxing crew, Team Freeform. In Oklahoma, Wilma Mankiller fought her way to power to become the first woman to lead the Cherokee Nation? Enduring death threats and constant ridicule from male colleagues.

And in the remote village of Mosuo in southwestern China, we discover one of the only surviving societies where women rule.   

Want to see the documentary? Grab your Astro Guide and see if there is a replay. Seriously, it was very interesting and I never knew this culture was exist.

Women are known as a delicate feature. In some nation, women are considered weak and their rights were often or continuously denied. Cannot go to school, cannot go to work, cannot speak out their mind, and trapped inside a marriage ~ their only world was called home, no more no less. Scary isn’t it?

Here in Malaysia, women are so lucky. We are treated the same level with the men. Take Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the Bank Negara Malaysia Governor for example. For others, this position was only a dream and far away from imagination. But Dr. Zeti proved that women also can achieve the highest career. Work hard and don’t waste the opportunity. I am sure that most of you aware that Dr Zeti was named as one of the “World’s Best Central Bankers” over the past year (click here for the news). 

I was thinking…If women ever rule, will women capable of managing the entire nation? Belum cuba belum tahu kan (If we not tried it, we will never know the result). If I was given the opportunity, first I will find way to eliminate ‘corruption’ forever and ever. Hahaha…sounds easy right, but it is not that simple. Only a true warrior can do it.

Enough of my ramblings. The question here for women…If women given the opportunity to rule the entire nation, what will you do? Ladies, don’t said that you will paint all the buildings in pink because the idea alone will make the guys horrified. Hahaha…
Guys, your opinion also welcome here ^ ^  

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  1. Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz seorang pemimpin yang hebat!

  2. Hi, you sure posted something very interesting.
    However, I don't know about politics or whatever where women involved.
    All I know is money would have no use if not for women, ha ha.

    Besides our eyes would have no exercise....
    But I do believe in 'equal right'....only thing is I still have to open bottles or tins for my wife.
    You have a pleasant week, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  3. Cik Tomato, yes she is. I am very proud of her...

    Uncle Lee, thanks for stopping by. That is a romantic thing to do for your wife. Even it is just a simple action but it sure has a big impact for us, women. I hope that you have a pleasant week too...

  4. women are to be treated equally with men, if governing bodies have more women in power, i bet choosing to lauch war would be a big fat NO, cause women are more caring and sensitive, they will think about the children, the sufferings that will happen and weigh them accordingly :)

    (im a guy, not saying that men won't, but, it seems some men are just too power thirsty, lol)

  5. Kyle, thanks for your opinion.
    Maybe 10 years from now, we will have the first woman as a Prime Minister. I really would like to see it happen and see what can she do for the nation ^ ^

  6. Mana tau satu hari nanti ada pemimpin wanita dari Sabah jadi Perdana Menteri kan mandak? Hehehehe....

  7. Harap-harap begitu lah Bel...
    Mana tau penangan wanita nie berbeza sikit...hehehe


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