17 September, 2010

Raining Cats And Dogs

Its raining cats and dogs outside. Do you ever heard or know what is the meaning of this phrase? It means raining very hard or raining heavily

This is an interesting phrase in that, although there's no definitive origin, there is a likely derivation. Before we get to that, let's get some of the fanciful proposed derivations out of the way.

The phrase isn't related to the well-known antipathy between dogs and cats, which is exemplified in the phrase 'fight like cat and dog'. Nor is the phrase in any sense literal, i.e. it doesn't record an incident where cats and dogs fell from the sky. Small creatures, of the size of frogs or fish, do occasionally get carried skywards in freak weather. Impromptu involuntary flight must also happen to dogs or cats from time to time, but there's no record of groups of them being scooped up in that way and causing this phrase to be coined. Not that we need to study English meteorological records for that - it's plainly implausible.

One supposed origin is that the phrase derives from mythology. Dogs and wolves were attendants to Odin, the god of storms, and sailors associated them with rain. Witches, who often took the form of their familiars - cats, are supposed to have ridden the wind. Well, some evidence would be nice. There doesn't appear to be any to support this notion.

source : Phrases

And seriously, I forgot to bring my umbrella! I was like OMG, why this kind of situation always happen to me?? When I bring the umbrella, the sun will shine prettily all day and when I predict that it will be a beautiful day and doesn't need to bring the will rain in the afternoon. Not a normal rainfall but raining cats and dogs!  

Okay, I am gonna ask around. Maybe they can lend me an umbrella. Of course I am gonna ask nicely and prettily. Or should I Tweet about this??? Hahaha...
Moral of this story, don't ever forget to bring your umbrella. The weather now days is so unpredictable >.<

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  1. haih..
    sini pun dah start hujan,jane.
    terengganu :)

  2. Banyak la kucing ma anjing ko di rumah ni semalam kan mandak? Hehehehe....

  3., harap2 tak banjir...

    Bel, banyaaaak...hahahaha


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