04 September, 2010

Hello OXY, Goodbye Blackheads

Blackheads?? Nooo….!!
Believe it or not, blackheads is a common problem not only for girls but for the boys too. Usually, blackheads appeared around the nose and it is pretty annoying to have that creepy thing on our nose! In my experience, that creepy thing is not easy to rid off…gone today, come back the next day!
So, as I window shopping in the supermarket last week, I saw this product and want to give it a try. My previous cleansing product done a great job in helping me fight blackheads but after using it for years, it’s time to change. 

OXY Blackhead Clearing Wash contain gentle microbeads to clear blackheads and prevent new one from forming. Deep cleansing action help unclog pores and reduces blemishes. The most important thing, this product doesn’t dry out my skin after the wash.
Been using OXY for one week and so far the result was good. I will continue using it…
Interested and want to try it? Go to the nearest store, this product is available in most stores. But please take note that whatever I wrote here were from my own experience. Result may different with different person. Price in my area, OXY Blackhead Clearing Wash (50g RM7.50 / 100g RM12.90).   

Sumandak Kinabalu easy tips in how to know the right cleanser : If your skin feel dry, itchy or uncomfortable after the first wash, the product maybe not suitable for your skin. My advice, buy or ask for a tester before buying the product.        


  1. If your skin feel dry, itchy or uncomfortable after the first wash <--- it always happen to me. so for now, i just use nivea facial form. itu saja. jenis pemalas saya ni :P

  2. Hi Nur, its ok for being simple..
    I am a simple lady too, I rarely wear make-up but when it comes to facial cleanser there is no compromise...hehe


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