22 September, 2010

My Story

I am a young boy,
I live in a Kampung.
Everyday I woke up with the birds singing
on my window.
After a quick and simple breakfast,
I grab my lastik and run to meet my friends.

The forest is our playground.

We love to sink ourselves deep inside its rich color.
It is a good place to play hide and seek.
When we bored, we will climb a tree to peek inside the bird’s nest.

In the evening,

we spend our time playing in the river.
Sometimes swimming, sometimes fishing.
If we caught a fish, cheerful cheers will thunder
make the breeze giggling and softly pinch our cheek.
We only went home when the sun pull down his curtain
and wave goodbye to the day.

At night,

the marching sound outside beat gently into my ears.
What a perfect event to end my day.
I sigh, close my eyes and thanked God for the day,
and wish for another beautiful day tomorrow.

(My Story ~ by
Jane, Joan & Clinton on 17 Oct 2009)


  1. Very nice poem. It tells a story of an ideal childhood.

  2. What a sweet memories. Writing and sharing it will make sure it won't last.

  3. I agree with you Bel...
    Walaupun lintang pukang tp bangga juga dapat tulis mcm nie...hehehe


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