11 September, 2010

You Are Not Alone

Feeling lonely or maybe bored? You are not alone...
TV's sucks, they are playing the same programmes and movies over and over again. My fiance is working and my siblings are busy with their own plan, what should I do? I have a book to read but my brain is so tired so I think I'll get a nap...hahaha
Oppps, I have something with me. It never let me down, cheer me up when I am sad and accompany me when I am one and only SONY MP3 Walkman

~ SONY Walkman MP3, NWZ-B142F ~
This model is a 2GB capacity. Imagine how may songs you can copy inside it. The model also have ZAPPIN function, where you can find and select song in a new way. Comes with FM tuner, lightweight and bright colour variations, SONY Walkman MP3 is simply a product you cannot resist. There's more, you can use this product to transfer right?? 

I enjoy listening to the music so this is a must have thing inside my bag (beside my book and handphone) wherever I go, especially on the way to work. Instead of going for a nap, I think I'll let my little friend accompany me for a while before going to the kitchen.

Want to know more about about this product, just visit SONY website. This portable audio cost RM150 in my place. Enjoy surfing... 


  1. cute sony muzik box.dah macam iklan sony pulak time baca post ni.jangan mare..

  2. hehehe...
    boleh jadi pengiklan lah nie ;)

  3. Sy pula kalau berjalan, hp wajib di bawa. manatau ada gambar menarik...bleh masuk blog hehehe...


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