13 November, 2010

What Is In Your Bag Challenge

~ my crocodile bag, hahaha... ~
What is in your bag challenge, dare to reveal it?? hahaha...
Okay, I was tag by lets check it out ^ ^

tadaaaa...nothing special. Just a regular stuff you can find in ladies bag...hahaha

a must bring stuff, wherever I go. Purse, handphone, music player and book...

anyone recognize this stuff, hahaha...this is a must too, sediakan payung sebelum hujan ^ ^

So, any weird stuff?? hahaha...
Let us know what can we found in your bag. It doesn't matter if you are ladies or men. Sometimes, men also bring bag right??
The question is, dare to take the challenge??


  1. lelaki punyer bag taknak tgok ker..berat 5kg ooo

  2. hehehe 'sediakan payung sebelum hujan' la ye....Payung yang betul mana? hehehe

    sila baca ni. post lama i

  3. wow, brg yg basar2 dlm bag ko aa..hahaha..

    i like the part ' sediakan payung sblm hujan ' hahaha..

    Thanks for doing this :)

  4. pun suka itu 'sediakan payung sebelum hujan'..a must for women..

  5. beg yg ada compartments jg la jd pilihan kan..
    klu dlm ada novel, naa.. kana tau sdh hobby dia. :D


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