16 December, 2010

Sumandak Giveaway?

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way…hehehe
Are you ready for the surprise? This is it...scroll down, do the pictures ring something in your head?
That’s right, all of the stuff are for Giveaway!

- Body Powder -

- 10ml Eau De Toilette -

- Wallet -

Welcome to Sumandak Giveaway or should we call it OMG Giveaway??
Okay, I know the boys will said, OMG this is girls stuff. Hahahaha…Come on lah, you still can join the fun by win something for your loves one. 

I know it is just a simple and tiny stuff but I hope it still can excite you to join the fun :)

The bla bla bla of this Giveaway :

This is the easiest GA on planet earth…hahaha. All you have to do is answer 2 sets of questions (will elaborate more)

This giveaway is exclusively to my followers only because without all of your support, I think Sumandak Kinabalu Little Corner will not survive in this blog thing. But if you are not my followers yet and want to join the fun, just follow me ^ ^

5 lucky persons! This is the best part…lucky winners can choose what they want. Starting by the first, second and so on…the fifth winner have no choice but to take home what is left >.< But hey, at least you win something right…

1st lucky person can pick 3 stuffs
2nd lucky person can pick 2 stuffs
3rd lucky person, 2 stuffs
4th lucky person, 2 stuffs
5th lucky person, 2 stuffs

The Questions

Each set contain 5 questions about Sumandak Kinabalu. Hahahaha…It will be an easy question, I promise >.< You can dig, blow or whatever inside my blog to look for anwers…just don’t touch my html code or my blog will lintang pukang (hihihi)

Set 1 Question – 17 December 2010
Set 2 Question – 21 December 2010

Only one answer per ID/name is allowed for this Giveaway. No points for wrong guess/answer.
Answers that came after I post the Set 2 Question will not be counted.   

If everything went smoothly, I will announced five lucky person before year end and hopefully receive their gift on the first week of 2011.

That’s all, any questions just drop on my comment box : )

The first set of question will start tomorrow
Ready to come and join the fun?


  1. hmm...ingat senang sangat..rupanya ada sket keja nak buat..hehe..apapun best hadiah dia mandak...akan cuba join kalo tahu nak jawab...hehe

  2. avon yaa....? winks!

  3. @Ellen

    Jawab soalan ja bah...hehehe

  4. wah! nak satu~~~ bagi la kat i. anggap hadiah kawan2. hehehe

  5. @Gadis Bunga

    I am...hehe
    Join the fun yaa :)

  6. @Che Kay

    Memang pung hadiah untuk kawan2. Dengan syarat kena jawab soalan...hehehe
    Soalan senang jee, semudah ABC

  7. aku mau!!!hehehe...bisuk kan soklannya???ba x sabar2 ni...hehehe...

  8. @Mrs Graig

    hahaha...of course you can. Good luck :)

  9. @Nor Adzwaty Rokkfella

    Bisuk kunun mula...tunggu kio :)

  10. omaigod!!! hadiah lumayan banget!! hehe.. jen nak join la. mana tahu kot2 ada rezeki menang ^^

  11. paling manang bilang si glay, kakakaka (terikut-ikut suda), mesti join punya

  12. @AnnieMing

    Makaseh sudi kasi meriah :)

  13. @Jayne

    Yes, try your best. Mana lah tau kan...

  14. @Azura

    Semakin hangat nie...tidak sabar saya tingu kamu answer soalan exam bisuk. hehehe...

  15. Yaaa ampun!! persaingan hebat tau nie...tiapa! mau kasi exercise tu jari ini malam...hihihihi!

  16. @Wyne @ Mouren

    Sabar ja kan...hahaha
    Good luck aah :)

  17. nak join jugak. esok ek? okay. :)


    See you tomorrow. Good luck :)

  19. adik beradik boleh join ka? hahhaha

  20. @Joan

    Hah??!! Macam tidak tau...hahahaha

  21. ulps...ada LAST MAN STANDING di sini bah...haha.boleh join ka jane?

  22. Aiyaaa...sya baru balik dari kg...kogutan ni..heeeee

  23. @Biskut

    Yeaaah. You are welcome to join the fun :)

  24. @Gunsirit

    Hahahaha...kogutan masih kah. Kijap lagi keluar soalan :)


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