28 August, 2010

The Dead Crow

He saw a dead crow
in a drain
near the post office.
He saw an old man
gasping for air
and a baby barely able to breathe
in a crowded morning clinic.

This land is so rich.
Why should we suffer like this?
I want clean air
for my grandchildren.
I want the damned fools
to leave the forest alone.
I want the trees to grow,
the rivers run free,
and the earth covered with grass.
Let the politicians plan how we may live with dignity,
now and always.
(by A. Samad Said)

Just for sharing sempena Bulan Merdeka. Found the poem in my brother's textbook. A simple poem by A. Samad Said, yet speak a thousands meaning...renung-renungkan lah dan selamat beramal.


  1. Aik?
    Baru perasan ko cerita pasal gagak plak ni. Napa ko mandak?

  2. Because I love the poem.
    Very simple tp makna rasa menyindir pun ada dlm tu sajak...
    kiri kanan dunia kita skrg, semua pencemaran alam...semua pentingkan diri, tiada yg kesah...
    ntah apa nt tinggal sama generasi akan datang, tinggal dlm balang kaca kali...hehehe


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