17 August, 2010


Next time you're in a meeting, try this little experiment: Take a big yawn, cover your mouth out of courtesy, and watch and see how many people yawn. There's a good chance that you'll set off a chain reaction of yawns. Before you finish reading this question of the day, it's likely that you will yawn at least once. Don't misunderstand, we aren't intending to bore you, but just reading about yawning will make you yawn, just as seeing or hearing someone else yawn makes us yawn.
What's behind this mysterious epidemic of yawning? First, let's look at what a yawn is. Yawning is an involuntary action that causes us to open our mouths wide and breathe in deeply. We know it's involuntary because we do it even before we are born. Research shows that 11-week-old fetuses yawn. 
There are many parts of the body that are in action when you yawn. First, your mouth opens and jaw drops, allowing as much air to be taken in as possible. When you inhale, the air taken in is filling your lungs. Your abdominal muscles flex and your diaphragm is pushed down. The air you breath in expands the lungs to capacity and then some of the air is blown back out. 
Contagious, isn't it? hehehe...  

Credit to Discovery Health, pictures are downloaded from Google.
More about yawn, please go here...


  1. yup, i heard about it.. and rite now feel like want to yawn too.. haha

  2. hi sumandak..pounsikou ka sama komen ko di page sa..ya begitula ba tu, mesti rajin baca apa2 ja, utk tambah pgthuan.

    ba kana umban kama kalo menguap time meeting..nanti kana silik-silik sama bos ja..

    ba keep on blogging kama mandak..:)

  3. *Yawn*
    Bikin menguap owh cerita ko ni kali mandak. Hehehehehe.... siok.

  4. Hi, love this posting...and you're right. It is contagious.
    Especially at meetings.
    I used to give management training, and when after lunch knowing participants will soon start yawning, I will discreetly sneak in a couple of sexy bikini girls pictures inbetween my viewgraphs.
    Then say, "ooops"!

    That wakes them up. Ha ha.
    By the way, please x'cuse my ignorance, but which part or what is 'Sumandak'?
    Like Orang Ulu, Bidayu, Kadazan...Iban?
    I have always been fascinated with Sarawak....used to go there on business wayyyyyy back in the late '70s, 80s.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  5. mangantuk oh mangantuk...mau tidur awal ni tau mandak

  6. Hasrol, terima kasih sudi singgah...

    Kay, hehehe...kalau ngantuk time meeting berabis kami picit/cubit tgn sendiri...keluar dr meeting habis merah2 tangan mcm kena dera...

    Zezebel, itu lah bah tujuan dia tu...

    Uncle Lee, thanks for dropping by. What a great idea! Maybe I can suggest it to my boss...hahaha
    By the way, in Sabah especially the KadazanDusun girl are called sumandak..

    Donny, bangunnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! hehehe


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