23 September, 2010

Canopy Walkway at Poring Hot Spring, Ranau

Have you ever try canopy walk before?
Welcome to Canopy Walkway at Poring Hot Spring, Ranau.
This canopy walkway is a must visit for anyone who ever sets foot in Poring Hot Springs. Take a stroll amidst the lush canopy of the Menggaris tree~king of the forest. The walkway is 157.8 meters long and 41 meters high.

~ waiting for our turn ~

I must admit that I am terrified of height. But I challenged myself to do it, actually this is the second time I walk through the canopy. If I survived the first try, why not this second time? lol…


The reason they built this walkway was to provide an opportunity or to experience the wildlife that can be found up there. However, it is not our lucky day because we didn’t see any creature roaming around the tree. 

~ at the surveillance deck ~

If you wish to take a break and enjoying the view of rainforest surrounding, they provide a surveillance deck. Take your time but don’t take too long, everyone is waiting for their turn.   

At one point, I nearly gave up. I was like OMG, can I even finish this? My fiancĂ©, brothers and sisters keep teasing me from behind. I was in the middle of the walkway, so there is no turning back. The only option was to continued and praying that the walkway will not crash. Hahaha…

~ Yeah! I managed to finish the walkway ~
~ End of ~
I don’t even know what I am doing up there. Seriously, you are supposed to enjoy the lavish view but the only thing that wandering in my mind was to finish it ASAP.  I heard a couple of tourist said, "this is a nightmare". Hahahaha…        
Moral of this story~if you are afraid of heights then do not attempt this Canopy Walk or you will be at risk of getting stuck.

But believe me, terrified of height or not…the experience was worthwhile, almost exotic! 

Visit Sabah Tourism Website for more information.


  1. uols!! i pon dah dua kali naik kanopi ni. hehehe

  2. ada nampak apa2 binatang yang berkaitan??? hahaha...

  3. Si clinton....
    Menang gaya jak owh. Wakakakaka....
    Sya mo pigi sini tapi tak berkesempatan lagi.

  4. dorg tu memang Mandak...
    berabis begaya ja...
    jangan datang time cuti2 sekolah, kompom penuh...
    berduyun nie urang, sampai tempat lepak pun teda...

  5. afraid of heights..berapa kali suda mo try tapi ndak berani...

  6. Angle Bear, rugi tau tidak try...
    Padahal 2x5 ja nie, tp saya TABAH kan hati saja...hehehe

  7. masa vacation ari tu aku naik canopy ni..
    pakai heels lagi tuh..
    kc redah ja... hahaha..
    mna taw nda dpr ksmpatan mcm tu lagi..

  8. OMG! hahahaha...
    tabik spring kat awak...
    sy siap kaki ayam lagi because takut sangat...

  9. aiyo. kesian me. org sini2 ranau juga tp tdk pernah ambil chance p naik kanopi tu.. duh (- -") how funny.

  10. our nature is splendid!!pround to be sabahan!!!hehehhe

  11. ndak prnah lg naik ni kanopi oh..nti mau try la..mcm siuk seja..hihi

  12. kenal sama yg tshirt putih..haha

  13. mcm sa x pernah naik la kanopi walk tu..huhu,. mo p naik la ni bulan 12..hehe

  14. Fina Sophie, masih belum terlambat..hehehe

    Fane Davis, proud to be Sabahan too. So many places out there, waiting to be explore and expose.

    Nurul, memang best sangat! Walaupun saya nie gayat tp tabahkan hati saja...sebab after you finish the walkway, ada satu perasaan puashati and bangga...hehehe

    Biskut, bolehhhhh....tiada masalah ^ ^ hahahaha

    Kay, semoga berjaya. Jangan lupa share nanti dlm blog...

  15. walaoooo banyak muka aku!!! hahahahaha

  16. Donny, pernah datang sana???

    Joan, ada mau berkenalan tu...hehe

  17. sit...hahaha.. buli bha...hahaha

  18. Looks like a lot of fun. I'd love to try it and see the nice scenery as well.

  19. Hey i just visited this place.. I saw that largest flower, Rafflesia arnoldii which was huge and around more or less 1 meter in its diameter. Then I had gone for Canopy Walk which was hypothetical to be a track walking path. Then the 2 different waterfalls. Bathe within the Japanese-fashion baths. I took a look at Butterfly Farm. Following url provides the information on "Things to see at Poring"


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