28 October, 2010

3 Things

Okay, there are 3 things I have in mind for the past 2 weeks but I have to choose which one to do first...

Handphone. This stuff is important. Everyone use it to keep in touch with friends, family and loves one. And because of my blogging addiction, I need to upgrade my handphone. I  want to capture lots of pictures for my blog and I want the pictures in a good quality (tak kuasa nak angkut kamera ke hulu ke hilir…hihihi). The truth is, my old handphone always give me a headache. I was thinking, instead of spending a lot of money for repairing, servicing and all kinds of bla bla bla…why not I buy a new one, right??? Hehe…

Rebonding aka hair makeover. Makeover is ladies's best friend (hahaha). Seriously, I need a new hair cut and maybe straighten back my hair. Sometimes, I need to meet my customer so appearance is important. Not a beautiful appearance but confident appearance. If you don’t feel confident, believe me…your customer can feel it too because the feeling was written all over your face. So what is the connection between hair and confident? Yaaay, my original hair is wavy and not easy to manage. It took at least 20 minutes to adjust this and that in front of the mirror (boleh gila I tell you, kadang-kadang macam mau telan saja tu minyak rambut) That’s why I straighten my hair once in a year. Sungguh senang diurus begitu saja ^ ^

Driving License. Ladies at my age should already have driving license. Me??? Not yet but I am working on it. We ladies must know how to drive a car, be independent. We don’t know what will happen in the future right? I should get my license two years ago but I keep postponing my plan. I think I will pass with flying colour. Sometimes, Mr. M let me ‘test drive’ his car. Yes, we reach the destination safely but Mr. M rolled his eyes all the way because I used gear one ONLY. Hahahahaha…Maybe I was born to drive auto car :)

Money is not the question here. The main thing is, which one is important. If ikut hati (follow my heart), I want to do it all at once but…sabar (be patient). Don’t be greed. The economy right now also unstable means anything can happen. So, we have to be prepared. After speak heart to heart with Mr. M, we decide that I must do driving license first. The handphone can wait. He promised he will buy a new one if I pass my driving lesson >.< Houye, houye (hmmm…I am falling in love with the right guy, hehehe)
As for the makeover, will calculate the budget first. Maybe you can see the new me by the end of this month ^ ^ 

How about you, have you experience something like this before?

Credit : Pictures are downloaded from Google


  1. Morning sunshine.
    i choose handphone. Find one with a good camera and subscribe with postpaid with data plan (Digi). You need to do blogging more often.

  2. Jane...may I gv u a sugestion?
    I think what u should do is
    1. rebonding
    2. hand phone
    3. driving lesen

    after get the DL..can strait away go to 'Jelajah Kinabalu'.. take picts from ur hp and upload it straight away into ur blog so I can see how beautiful kinabalu is..
    is that mk sense??

  3. hehe...akan ku tunggu..hehehe

  4. Always in this kind of situation kan.. hmm.. klu ikut ati (klu), mmg semua buat 1x. heheheh..

    sia pun sangkut d driving lesen jg ni. Early nx yr mesti mo proceed sdh sbb nnt L sia expired.

    Ngam jg buat rebonding dulu coz xmas is around the corner.. ;p

  5. @Bel, I know :) But for blogging, I prefer use my laptop. I already mengintai handphone yang ada di pasaran...hahaha

  6. @Dea, I like your idea! hehehe...but my fiance said, DL first. After lulus baru kena bagi handphone. Don't worry, I will do my best blogging about Kota Kinabalu for you...

  7. @Ellen, saya mau aim bah yang cabutan tiket bertuah...hahahaha
    Mau pajak ni tiket...

  8. @Just, saya pun ingat begitu. Bukan rebonding habis lah, buat touch up ja kali...rosak sudah ni rambut talampau kana rebonding :)

  9. nop..tak pernah ada pengalaman serupa ketiga-tiga di atas.hehe

  10. @Si Biskut, means tiada buat pilihan lah kan. Trus buat all in once :)

  11. 1) Handphone
    2) Driver's License
    3) Rebonding


  12. @Gallivanter, thanks for the idea :) But already decide Driving License first...But who knows, maybe Mr. M will change his mind?? hehehe...

  13. Sumandak,
    For my experience kan, saya start with Handphone dulu, Driving Licence and baru lah Rebonding hehe..

    Itu Driving licence ko blh p register dulu bah tu trus pelan2 byr..hehe.. By the time, kalau ko ada extra duit, ko p lah rebonding rambut hehehe.. :)

  14. @Stella, good idea :) Saja mungkin si Mr. M tu, lama sudah kena suruh ambil lesen tapi ada saja alasan...hahaha. Ni kali, mau nda mau terpaksa ambil ^ ^

  15. 1 by 1 dear..i think driving license 1st..that important!

  16. @Cik Tom, thanks for the advice...


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