14 October, 2010

Xiao Hao, 3 Years Old Supersize Toddler

Desperate mum Xiao Lin has begged doctors to help her shrink her supersize toddler - who is already tipping the scales at a massive 60kg.

Three-year-old Xiao Hao already dwarfs his petite mum and has been banned by several local nurseries in Guangzhou, southern China, as a health hazard to other youngsters.

'He means no harm he is just big and likes to play. I take him swimming for exercise but it is hard finding trunks to fit him and even the rubber rings are too small,' sighed his mother.

Some medics believe he may have a growth hormone disorder while others say he is a victim of China's Little Emperor syndrome where the families are allowed only one child - who is then spoiled rotten by doting relatives.

'He is not just overweight but very tall as well so we may be able to treat him if it really is hormonal. But he cannot remain like this or his heart will never stand the strain,' said Dr Lu Hong from the Guangdong childen's hospital.

Source : Metro UK

Seriously, he is so adorable but he needs help. That kind of weight is not  a good sign for his health. And now, he is banned from attending nurseries. That is so unfair... 


  1. Waaaaa jane.
    lebih berat dari saya owh.

  2. @Bel, lebih berat dari saya juga :)
    Cute kan tapi kesian nie...

  3. OMG..punya berat...makan bnyk ni kan..

  4. betul2 giant size ini... sian ni budak...

  5. atukoiiii berat ni budak..kalah2 berat sa..telebih sihat suda begia..adehh

  6. @Stella, kali lah...ataupun pasal hormon

    @Rose, macam tidak percaya kan...

    @Gee, iri nogi boh kangku...harap-harap they do something cepat2


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