14 October, 2010

What's For Dinner?

I am sure that most of you already planned what’s for dinner tonight. Can you share with me what’s on your mind? Hehe…

Seriously, I don’t have to worry what’s to prepare because most of time dinner are already serve by the time I reach home. An advantage for staying with the family, hehehe…
Usually, what kind of food do you have on the table? As for my family, the main menu is veggies. Most of the time actually, but that’s not mean that we are vegetarian. We rarely had meat on the table, only at special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or family gathering. 

~ bosou, a local food. anyone recognize this ? ~
~ sambal tuhau ~

There is a story behind it. When we were young, life was not easy. Our parents cannot afford to buy meat so the only option was go for the veggies whether you like it or not. And now that kind of habit becomes lifestyle. Eating veggie is a healthy lifestyle. Actually, it is one of the best things that you can do for your diet and for your body. When people ask me why I have white skin, I answered them…because I eat too much veggie since childhood. Hahahaha…Okay don’t take it seriously, I was only joking. 

~ sambal petai, my fiance's favourite ~

We love dinner time very much because that is the only time when most of the family members sit together. Our dinner time is usually noisy, hahaha…because everybody has their own story to share. Whether you realize it or not, sharing the meal together also can strengthen family ties.    

Now i let you sneak peek about our dinner, how about you? Want to share your dinner story? 


  1. waaa... i am craving for "bosou" right now!... heheee

  2. @Stella, mouth watering kan...hehehe

  3. waa.. meriah! tp sia nda pandai mkn bosou or petai.. or apa lg tu.. sia pandai mkn ikan guring ja.. sayur pun nda mkn.. heheheh..

  4. masa biskut kecik2 duk di daerah pedalaman Lahad datu,Biskut suka sgt makan makanan tanpa kuah gitu..tapi biskut suka sangat.Tgok mcm nie Biskut rindu sgt kg biskut.

  5. Waaaa...
    Tuhau buat sendiri ka tu mandak?
    Rumah kamu ada pokok dia kan?

  6. @Just, haiya rugi o kalau ikan ja di makan...hehehe

    @Si Biskut, jangan lah gitu. Sedih tau baca...Dah lama tak balik kg ke??

    @Bel, absolutely! Hehehe...Subur ni pokok dia, anytime boleh ambil :)

  7. wow banyaknye lauk..
    nmpk sedap..
    terlupa dietku..

  8. atukoi...aramai tie...hehhee...bagi sa tuhau...wakakkaak..trus keluar bihis ni..sedap bah makan sayur dari daging...hmm..

  9. my dinner can always be anything...simple..kadang2 masak sup jak semua ada di dalam - chicken, potatoes, carrots cukup suda...hihihh~

    tapi mcm teringin pula cari ikan basung ni....

  10. @Cik Tom, kompom pun sedap...hehehe

    @Ellen, tebang ja sendiri. Banyak juga tu tumbuh di luar rumah :)

    @Angel Bear, sup terjun?? hehe...sama lah, kalau malas masak buang ja semua tu bahan-bahan dalam periuk masak sup ^ ^

  11. haha...terliur2 sa tengok tu tuhau hahaa...cissss

  12. walaoooo.... sedap2 ni...haha...

  13. Aik. Petai pun ada kat Sabah?

    hehe..saya ingat petai tu fav kat semenanjung ja. silap rupanya.

  14. helo... i'm your new follower...
    nice blog... thanks for sharing...

  15. wah..i love bosou so much...kita exchange link kio

  16. wah simple...
    me? tapau jer kat kedai...hahaa


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