13 October, 2010

Tragedy October

We were given:
Brain to Think
Eyes to See
Ears to Hear
Mouth to Speak &
Hands to Help

I was really terrified to hear the news about the missing nurse and found in half-naked and dead at King Fisher! What the hell is going on with the living thing that we call "Human being" today?? Taking someone's life isn't our obligation! MotherF-er!! I have read about this on Daily Express last Monday. But in the news report, they said she was missing, her car was parked at the Australia Place near to Hotel Garden. And on Tuesday, she was found dead! She had been kidnapped and raped by the unknown animal that is still preying for another victim out there! So Ladies, Be careful!

Pic from Daily Express

The body was found in the drain near the Ujana roundabout, King Fisher

Police sealing the body bag to be brought to the Queen
Elizabeth Hospital for a post-mortem. Pix by Fardy Bungga

Read more: 
Dead woman found in drain

The person who responsible for the murder is so cruel! He is nothing but an animal. Just like animal who don't have sense like human do. I think animal is far more better that him. He has no sense of guilty! I hope that he will get equal punishment. No matter where you hide with your pride to kill an innocent woman, I tell you, the curse from the community are on you! Bear the consequence that you have created on your own!

Note to The people Out there:
we were given:
Brain to think, and this gift make us different with the animal. A brain to think, so that we can act rationally. Do not simply do this and that by without thinking the effect on you and the people around you

Eyes to see and ears to hear. We need each other. If you see or hear any suspicious actions, immediately report to the police.

Mouth to Speak, do not hide anything that you think can help the police and the victiom to arrest the criminal.

Hands to help. Do not be so selfish. We were living under the same moon and sun, why can't we help each other? We need one another.

To the victim:

Annie John Dismas, Rest in Peace. To the family of the victim, condolence. Be strong!

The Victim
Source: facebook

This story was copied from my sister's blog. Credit to Joan.


  1. Saya harap cepat2 la kena tangkap tu pembunuh..

  2. betul. pembunuh skang bunuh orang macam pijak semut.jahat sangat.

    takziah utk keluarga mangsa..

  3. finally...ketemu jgk dgn 'nurse yang hilang'.masih dalam siasatan kan...

  4. saya harap pembunuh tue kena tangkap n kena hukum gantung..

  5. takziah buat keluarga dia...

  6., dah namanya pembunuh. Memang takde perasaan. Dia ingat dia seorang nak hidup kat dunia...

    @Si Biskut, masih dalam siasatan. So tak boleh komen lebih-lebih :)

    @Cik Tomato, memang setimpal dengan perbuatannya...

    @Faizal, amin...

  7. memang kurang ajar tul kan sakit hati tul oh ni..harap2 yang lakukan ni dapat balasan yang lebih teruk...

    siou..teremo cni!!hehee

  8. @Ellen, semua pun terEmo nie...sakit hati bah baca berita begini...

    @Justlye Just, kita doakan saja lah...

  9. kesian kan...len kali kita semua mesti hati2 bila jalan. especially to ladies.

    the body was found, but the predator is still out there!

  10. Setakat kena tangkap mcm nda setimpal pula. but of coz bagus utk avoid tu pembunuh dpt victims baru.

    Better bunuh terus ja pembunuh tu!

  11. sedih..jumpa tapi suda x nyawa

  12. @Joan, you are right. Be extra careful...

    @Just, bagi hukuman yang paling setimpal!

    @Donny, sedih kan...

  13. Condolence to the family.
    May she rest in peace.


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