29 October, 2010

Indonesia's Mount Merapi Volcano Erupts Again

SLEMAN—Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano, which killed 32 people earlier this week, erupted again Thursday, spewing ash and deadly heat clouds, an official said.

Government volcanologist Surono said hot gas and ash spewed from the mouth of Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most active volcano.

"We registered a small volcanic tremor. The threats are still there," he said.

More than 50,000 people have moved into temporary shelters since Monday, when the government issued a red alert for Merapi, indicating that the "Mountain of Fire" could be about to erupt.

The next day a deadly series of massive eruptions left 32 people dead and blanketed nearby villages in searing ash.

Many of the victims were buried in a mass grave earlier Thursday.

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  1. Sumandak, you know sya baru mau post pasal ni, ni hari..kali tingu ko suda post..haha..

    Sian oh kan..may they soul RIP..

  2. @Stella, post ja bah :)
    Ya, sedih ni. May they soul rest in peace. We should appreciate our life because we are so lucky sini tiada bencana alam like that...

  3. Btw pls vote me hehe..


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