18 October, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation

Morning friends...
Sorry for not being around, reading and leave a comment in your blog. I have to settle something and it need my attention.
So, here we are facing Monday again. Only God knows that Garfield hate Monday...hahaha
Anyway, here is Monday Morning Motivation for today...Don't be afraid of shadows, they just mean there's a light shining somewhere near.
Got to go, enjoy your morning coffee and wait for my visit. Adios... 


  1. c garfield, semua ari pun dia nda suka.. kita apa kurangnya... hehehe... Happy monday!! :D

  2. setiap pagi isnin sumandak mesti ade entry.good watcher lar sumandak ni.hehe

  3. You need shadow to remind you that someone is watching everything you do. Great motivation mandak.

  4. Yeahh...Happy Monday! And love garfield...sbb walau mcmmn pun dia dapat susah...dia cool saja and of course, never stop thinking of eating...muahahaha!

    So...let's be like Garfield...he he he!

  5. @Just, gamalas kan si Garfield tu :)

    @Si Biskut, ramai orang tidak suka Isnin. So, kita motivate lah each other :)

    @Stella, welcome back :)

    @Bel, very true. It is some kind of reminder for us...

    @ Wyne, cute but gamalas gia dia tu...hehehe


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