30 October, 2010

Almost Heaven

Title : Almost Heaven
ISBN 10: 0671742558
ISBN 13: 978-0671742553

In this classic novel of two willful lovers caught in a breathless adventure of deception and betrayal, #1 New York Times bestselling author Judith McNaught has created a powerful and unforgettable masterpiece.
The Countess of Havenhurst possessed a rare gentleness and fierce courage to match her exquisite beauty. But her reputation is shattered when she is discovered in the arms of Ian Thornton, a notorious gambler and social outcast.

A dangerously handsome man of secret wealth and mysterious lineage, his voyage to Elizabeth's heart is fraught with intrigue, scandal, and a venomous revenge. 

Destined for each other, yet wary of each other's motives, Elizabeth and Ian engage in a dance of suspicion and passion that tests the very soul of their star-crossed love. As a twisting path of secrets takes them from London's drawing rooms to the mysterious Scottish Highlands, Elizabeth must learn the truth: is Ian merely a ruthless fortune hunter at heart? 

:: Judith McNaught ::
OMG! Historical Romance is my favorite book. Hehehe…
And Judith MacNaught is one of my favorite writers. Seriously, if you want to read humor and heart wrenching emotion in one book try Judith McNaught because she is very good at it and be ready with a box of tissue right beside you. Also, she is the only writer who can make me keep going back and re-reading favorite parts.

Elizabeth Cameron and Ian Thornton fall in love almost at first sight. When Ian proposes for Elizabeth's hand in marriage, he had no idea that she was a Countess, and already engaged to someone else. Elizabeth's brother (her guardian) comes on time to save Elizabeth from marrying Ian, but causes a big scene. People at the ton find out about Elizabeth's behaviour through gossip and thus causing a scandal for her. 

2 years later, Ian and Elizabeth meet again. Ian treats Elizabeth hostilely, but Elizabeth endures it all, because she realizes that she still loves him, and vice versa when Ian discovers that he was trying too hard to get her out of his life. And so, this begins their quest for love…

I laugh and cried with the characters. This book is full of drama, really makes me crazy. Sometimes you feel want to slap the hero and yell at the heroin. At first, the story starts slow, then pick up it speed till the last page.   

I learn a lot from this story. If you face the worst in your life, never give up. Be strong, especially when a lot of peoples put their trust on you. Forgiveness…when someone you love betray you, forgiveness is the most impossible thing to do. But if you really love that someone, you must learn how to forgive, forget and how to build trust. Want to experience Almost Heaven? Give this book a try. Who knows, you might fall in love with your couple all over again. Hehehe…   

Overall, the whole story keeps you reading till the last page. Remember, this is not a book review because I think I am not qualified yet to review a book. I just want to share what I read and feel about it…

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Another suggestion, just go to the nearest library.


  1. wah...macam syok ja ceta tapi saya cepat tertido kalau baca buku sekarang o..huhu

  2. wah sumandak..sudah mau jadi pengulas buku/novel dah ek..Memang kebanyakan ada di antara yg suka menjadikan buku/novel sebagai suatu yang banyak memberi pengajaran.

  3. lamanya tak membeli novel. huhu. have no time yet to drop by at bookstore. ceritanya macam best. historical romance? saya agak kurang kalau novel genre tu. teehehe. anyway, ulasan yg bagus dari awak jane. =)


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