19 October, 2010

All In One Update

Okay, this is all in one update. Hehehe…

I Know What You Did Last Night

Seriously, this is the price you have to pay for being the eldest and have 7 sisters. I don’t know what happened yesterday. My sister bought a new nail color. And I said COOL, let’s try it…hahaha. I am not the type who is crazy about nail color but look what we done last night…

What do you think, do you like it?? Hahahaha…OMG! I don’t know what Mr. M will say if he saw this. Rolling his eyes?? Lol…But I will clean it before the weekend. It’s weird to have black nail. I feel that I am a gothic princess…hahahaha 

Award Section

I would like to say thanks to Si Biskut for this award. I was suppose to tag bloggers for this award but like I said before, I don’t want to choose. So, whoever read this consider that you are tag. Once again, big thanks to Si Biskut


I received a call this morning, “your notebook is ready to collect”. Finally, the waiting is over. Now I can blog like a mad woman. Hahahaha…

Mum And Lipstick

It’s been one week mum complained about her lipstick. She asked for a new one because the old one was expired. Hahaha…OMG mum, you know better than me. So, I spend my lunch time buying new lipstick for my mum.

I went to Guardian. The outlet was selling REVLON’s lipstick, buy 1 free 1. It’s a promotion for one month only. Seriously, go to the nearest Guardian’s outlet right now. Normal price is RM29.90 for one, but now you can pick two for that price. Hurry…
This is not a paid post okay, I am just promoting Guardian for free. Hahaha…   


  1. Punya lah c jane hahhaaa..semart Gila tu jari jemari hahhaa !!

  2. @Just, hahahaha...macam kenal yang disebelah kan ^ ^

  3. wah mo pigi guardian lah ni p beli lipstick..hehehe

  4. itam itu mmg cool~
    tapi agree with u. mcm gadis gothic. haha.

  5. @Stella, cepat nanti kehabisan..hehehe, saja nak test. Try something yang berani...hahahaha

  6. Lucu jg tgk gmbr2 ko ni! Mcm2!! Hahahaha... but, seriously mo p guardian! Kekekek..

  7. @Just, syukurlah ada juga yang terhibur :) Bah cepat sebelum kehabisan stok...

  8. napa tutup muka..hehe

    sayapun mau pigi guardian nanti beli lipstik untuk nenek saya haha

  9. Hahahahaha jane. Nice one.
    I guess this are the post that suppose to be publish last week ka?
    Justlye.., you just ruin your sister beautiful nails.

  10. Donny, ingat suka-suka mau tunjuk muka. Kena bayar dulu...hehehe
    Ooo, mengejek kan. Report ni sama my mum...

  11. lucky pon boleh komen ka ini entry.tapi sebab nama aku ada disebut.aku tulis jgk.Sama2 sumandak.

  12. @Bel, thanks...walaupun kelam kabut ramai juga yang terhibur. hahaha...
    Lebih kurang begitulah, my spirit is back ^ ^
    Pengsan kali Mr. M nampak ni kuku mandak...hehehe

  13. @Si Biskut, sesiapa pun dijemput komen :) Thanks kerana rajin bagi award ^ ^

  14. wahahahaaha....cantuk bah tu moi...inda da yang lebih cantik dari ni..hahaha..bah sa mo p guardian la ni.but i oredy buy Mac..doii..menyesal...

  15. aik jual mahal baitu..hehe
    mana ada mgejek haha...

  16. @Ellen, hahaha...mau kasi bersih suda nie. Wahhh mantap juga tu pakai MAC ^ ^

  17. @Donny, takkan lah mau jual murah...hahahaha


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