09 October, 2010

Weekend Ramblings

This is just a weekend ramblings because I have been grounded. Hahaha…
Seriously, I have to spend my entire weekend on bed. I was like OMG, why this had to happen to me on the wrong day. I was supposed to attend a school reunion at the beach this afternoon. It’s been ages I didn’t see my ex-classmate, I miss them and want to know what’s going on with their life. Of course some of us keep in touch via facebook but that’s not enough. It was like talking to a machine, the machine responds to you but there is no connection or expression there...

The truth is I am not feeling well. Remember on Monday I said that I am not feeling well? This is it…It start with a flu, one thing leads to another. Now I am coughing, it makes my throat sore. I had a headache too because I coughed too much…God help me, I just hope they will not mad at me for not coming. Because I promise and now I feel guilty for not keeping my promise. I can go, if I want to but I am thinking about the consequence later. It is hot at the beach, it will make my condition worsen.

I felt lonely at home. I want to read but it’s hard to concentrate so I end up watching Britain’s Next Top Model. Seriously?? Hahaha…I am not the type who is crazy about fashion. In fact I am ‘color blind’ about fashion. I just wear what is comfortable and suitable for me. I enjoy watching this show because of the nonstop drama. Just imagine a group of contestant with a different background living in one roof. It is not easy to become a model. Even you have a perfect body and face, that is not enough. You must have a strong character and personality. I also learn that when someone criticizes you, take it and improve yourself. Be tough, the most important thing is learn how to handle it.

I am going to ask you, if someone criticizes you, are you going to cry and hiding or handle it professionally? I have meet lots of people who doesn’t want to be criticizes. They only want to hear a good thing about them which is annoying because they are not good as they think. It was also irritating because if you tell them the truth, they will start to rebel. Seriously, how are you going to improve yourself when you don’t want to be criticized?      

Enough of my ramblings. I am bored to death because I got nothing to do and I know you are bored too but thanks for reading. Hehehe…
Okay everyone, time to go. Sorry I cannot respond to your message on chatbox, comments and read your blog for a while. Anyway, enjoy and have a great weekend. Adios…

For the first time, my entry has no picture. I don't know what had happen, I cannot upload even one picture!



  1. btw there is no reunion. just me,tinot and anney. we just makan2 abc and nasik. then about 1pm we went to Padang Merdeka to buat kezutan sama si Carol. She had to jaga her pameran. Chit chat about 20 minutes, then we went to rumah basirah Near crocodile farm Tuaran. Eat and eat with Basirah. about 430pm kami pulang sudah. hehehe there will be next time. =)

  2. Hehehe..thanks for the info Faizal.
    Azley yang paling bising pun tak datang juga rupanya??
    Harap-harap next time tu saya dapat datang...
    Sedih tak dapat makan ABC...

  3. haha.. i met my primary school buddies in fb not so long ago.. we were so excited to see each other.. thru a class photo uploaded by a fren.. i like fb bcoz of tat.. haha.. everyone become pretty and handsome.. its been a decade since da last meeting.. haha.. they had this reunion at KK for several times ody. im da ony one din attend.. huhu..

    btw, get well soon! =)

  4. kanapa tu mandak ada maselah ka blogmu..selamat bhujung minggu jan buring2 ba kami ada ni lawat2 kau haha

  5. Thanks Walton...
    Btw, why you didn't attend your school reunion??

  6. Donny, tidak buli upload gambar...Entah kenapa
    Tau lah kalau pakai broadband nie, lambat mau loading...


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