11 February, 2011

Valentine's Day Story

Sumandak in the house :)

Can you feel love is in the air? Naaah, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is the day to celebrate love and express your appreciation to your loves one. Could be your parents, family, spouse, fiancée or fiancé, your best friends…meaning Valentine’s Day is not for couple only, it is for everyone. Not everyone actually…but as a 1Malaysia, lets respect each other okay…

So, do you have any special story or moment about your Valentine’s? Something like surprise from your loves one or secret admire (hihihi), romantic dinner, romantic holidays or someone buy you a private jet as a gift (hahahaha). My story goes like this…

In my early relationship with Mr. M, he truly surprises me. A florist came into my office and said she had something to me. A card and a rose. I was like OMG because nobody has done something like that to me in my entire life. Thank God my boss is not around at that time, I am blushing from head to toe maaah (~ ~)

What caught my attention the most is his words in the card. Well, I cannot tell you exactly his words. Its private and confidential >.< I only can say that he is truly honest with his feeling…after that, no more surprise. Doesn’t mean the flame is already cold. NOOOO…our relationship is still very much on fire (what kind of statement is this…hahaha).

We made a deal, on a special occasion like birthdays, anniversary or whatsoever…ask your couple what they want as a gift then go and buy the things together. Already try it a lot of times and hey, it is fun I tell you. But of course you have to tell your couple the limit of your budget. Imagine your couple asks for a jet plane, how you will pay for it…hahaha. If your pocket is bottomless, no problem lah…

That my story. Too simple and maybe ordinary to some people but still special to me :) If you have your own Valentine’s Day story that is interesting, share here or write about it in your blog then tell me, I will come and read it…

I remember a friend of mine told me that his father never failed to go to his wife office every Valentine's Day with a bunch of roses. He will kiss his wife on the cheek and said, "Darling Happy Valentine's Day"...all the staffs there will clap their hands. Wah, what a romantic couple. Even though wrinkles and white hair already visible here and there but they didn't ashamed to show their appreciation to each other.

And as everyone knows, roses are very synonym to the celebration so don’t forget to book your roses early kio. At that day, the price will sky rocket due to the demands but still can sold out like ‘goreng pisang’. Some people cannot afford to buy even one piece of rose, don’t worry…it is not about the flowers, gifts, dinners or whatsoever. What inside your heart and how you feel about your couple is more important than anything else…

Happy Friday, happy weekend and have a pleasant day my dear friends… 

PS : Looking for a blog idea about Valentine's, check it out here


  1. as much as i wanted him to surprise me with flowers to be sent to my office, but mcm syg pulak tu.. mahal ba bunga time V-Day kan. heheheh.. sia pnya V-Day pun besa2 ja selalu.. nothing special.. huuhuh..

  2. hehe romantik jg kunun tu mandak. Sy nda pena sambut valentine jadi sy xda apa2 ceta menarik la haha

  3. Wah my darl lum pernah pun bagi roses depan office.heheh but never mind gift tida penting kan yang penting his love to us bah kan

  4. Sa kena bagi satu kuntum rose yg happening betul was...ada kah dia bagi sa di depan urang ramai sana PASAR BESAR KK!! hahahaha....semua urang termasuk tu pilak meninguk sa trus...hahahaha

    Betul2 santik your hair oh Jane!

  5. @Stella

    Thanks :)
    How about you, ada interesting story?

  6. @Just

    Yang penting appreciate each other ja bah...
    Memang mahal tahap gaban tu, bagus petik bunga ja dari mana-mana (hehe)

  7. @Beaty

    Sukung 200%
    I mention there it not about gifts. Perasaan tu yang penting...

  8. @Wyne

    Waaaaaaah, itu baru lah moi...depan pasar! Depan ramai urang (@ @) hahaha...nasib nda masuk news.

    Teknik rebonding, memang lah santikk (hahaha). Every year saya buat sampai saya buring tapi nda saya tau pasal pesen2 nie...

  9. sa banyak story pasal valentine..miahahhaaa...adakah..memang tak ada....simple2 ja...yang penting tetap wujudkan bunga2 cinta sampai bila2...

    p/s...hmm hmm..yang 2nd pic tu nak bervalentine juga ka..miahahaa..soalan bonus...

  10. that old couple story really touched me. :D

  11. selamat berbahagia dengan hari yang dinantikan Jane...sweet couple..

  12. manisnya..(sweeetnye..) celebrate bah V day...heheheh...tapi klu kamu nda apa tu...


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