15 January, 2011

Deep Freeze

Title : Deep Freeze
Author : Lisa Jackson 
ISBN-10 : 0821772961 
ISBN-13 : 978-0821772966

Her biggest fan...her worst nightmare
When beautiful Jenna Hughes moves with her two children to a small Oregon town in bestseller Jackson's well-crafted romantic thriller, the retired movie star expects to start a quiet new life, but a psychotic fan's deadly obsession soon throws the tranquil community into chaos. One by one, women are kidnapped by a serial killer who hopes to mold them into the likeness of his favorite actress, and Jenna knows that it's only a matter of time before she's the next victim. 

Jackson (The Morning After) weaves together various subplots, including Jenna's relationship with her rebellious teenage daughter and the inevitable love interest with the rugged local cop, to create a fast-paced and surprisingly complex story. Unfortunately, the focus on the villain's absolute evil rather than on his humanity doesn't allow him to be as disturbing as he could be, but most of the other smalltown characters are more believable. 

The depiction of the protagonist, a woman who desperately wants her life to be as normal as possible, reaches an unusual depth, and the crisp, skillful language infuses every sentence with suspense. Despite some predictable moments and over-the-top torture scenes, this chilling novel about the high price of fame will keep readers riveted. (source : Amazon)

Hello everyone, its Saturday and book sharing is back :)
This is my first time reading Lisa Jackson. Jenna Hughes is an actress and a fanatic fan of her is on the loose kidnapping and turn the victims to Jenna's replica. It is a gut wrenching to read when Lisa describe step by step how the fanatic fan turn the victims to Jenna's look alike. Most shocking one, he is doing the procedure during the victim is fully awake and aware of the situations. The victims can feel all the pains but cannot move, let alone speak...can you imagine the torture?    

Sometimes, there are not so convincing plot or moments. Furthermore, I think there will be Part Two of this book because something happen at the last page...but overall the book is just OK to me.   

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  1. Bahaya juga ni kalau ada yg tukang stalk kita..this is actually what we call obsession, a psychotic fan..

    Rajin ko bawa buku ah sumandak...bagus-bagus..

  2. Happy Reading Sumandak Kinabalu.

  3. mcm siok juga mo baca2 ni buku, thanks for the review..:) bnyk suda buku ko baca kan.. ko beli ka semua tu buku?

  4. adakah macam citer 'frozen'..jarang baca novel yang sebegini jane.sekarang nih lebih banyak baca citer pasal motivasi jer..nak naikan semangat balik kot..hihi

  5. i read the morning after three times.

    still, my fav author is always sidney sheldon. huhu~

  6. saya salute lah kau mandak kalau baca buku,saya ulat blog jak ni hehe..


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