10 January, 2011

I am Not Perfect

Morning friends...
Its Monday and here is Monday Morning Motivation for today...
I may not be perfect, but parts of me are excellent

Very true. Nobody is perfect but most people try very hard to be perfect. I have bulge stomach, a drumstick thighs (hahaha), in a short word 'overweight' (maybe but I think I am) and best of all I don't even know how to paint my face...hahaha. I am not super intelligent but I know how to use my brain (hehe). What can I say, I am happy just the way I am. Be true and appreciate yourself. What's the point to act someone that you are not?

Orait amoi-amoi, ready or not here is the questions...

1. What do you think Sumandak doing (refer the picture above)?  (3 Points)

2. How many family members in Sumandak's home?  (4 Points)

3. What is Sumandak favorite ice cream flavor?  (3 Points)

4. Name one of language Sumandak want to learn if she had the chance?  (3 Points)

Please answer before tommorow kio amoi-amoi. Remember, if the points still the same then I will arrange your position by your comments rank..

Good Luck to Stella, Just, Azura and Zezebel


  1. wah ni kali la sapa yang akan menang ni

  2. Soalan no. 3 buat sa teringin makan ice cream pula...haha!

    All the best to the ladies!

  3. i am not perfect, but part of me is excellent!
    liked it!!!!

  4. uik, pa ko bt sama tali tu mandak? Kau mo ikat apa? Sy rasa kan, kamu 10 atau 11 org kali, maybe ko suka vanilla n maybe ko mo blajar sy mo bongkar2 mandak, lari2 line tenet sy

  5. Aku gak tau jawabannya..! Nntn aja deh.., tunggu jawabnnya keluar..! :D

  6. You know i always have this thought,,i am perfect as far as i am concerned according to my own standard.......but according to others , i am always imperfect,,, but then again, in God's eyes i am more than perfect,, you agree? you too in HIS eyes,right?

    Have a great week ahead ya, and god bless

  7. but you are super cute lorr..huhu~

  8. @Wyne

    Bah apa lagi, sila berkunjung ke kedai berhampiran. Saya pun tiba-tiba teringat ABC...hehehe

  9. @Kyle

    I like the words too thats why I share it :)

  10. @Zezebel

    Don't worry, sudah menang pun tinggal mau susun kedudukan lagi...hahaha

  11. @Eugene

    Everyone of us are in God's eyes :)

  12. @gadisBunga

    Thank you, thank you...hehe. I remember your words, short is cute ^ ^

  13. aduh..kena godek2 balik nih jawabnya...ada setengah ingat ada setengah dah lupa nih jane..hihi

  14. Yup, nobody is perfect. I, myself had made too many mistake these past years..satu kakanan pun tidak muat, mangkali berkakanan-kakanan laitu. But to err is human. The only thing tht we can do is try to improve ourself...

    1. you are fyling kites?
    3.Guol @ yam
    4. mandarin maybe or Tamil

  15. mandak, mo letak mana jawapannya tu?> adeh susah owh, miahahahaha

  16. sa jawab sini jak la ah, takut tia sempat on9 nanti, ihihihi, hantam ah, jangan marah, ekekeke.

    1. Mo ikat barang? Hahaha!
    2. 12
    3. Vanilla
    4. Spanish & Mandarin

    Sa teka jak tu ah mandak, kalau salah, harap kasi ampun, miahahaha. :)

  17. 1. To tied something (i read your post about a game which is to build the highest tower using pipes and you stated there one of the tool is plastic rope).
    2. 13 of you under one roof
    3. Vanilla flavor
    4. Mandarin

  18. Ba.. my answers..

    1. building the highest tower using pipes.. plastic rope is one of the tools provided by the organizer dalam kamurang punya Famiy Day 26/12/10..

    2. 10 siblings + mum + dad + grandma = 13 members under one roof

    3. vanilla

    4. mandarin

  19. kau peace sama siapa tu mandak,saya kah?bah buli bah kalau kau..hehe


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