25 January, 2011

Thank You

Sumandak in the house :)

Seriously, how many times do we say Thank You in our daily life. Once, twice, lots of times or never said it at all. I want to share my experience with saying Thank You :)

Thank you is an expression of gratitude

Normally, we say thank you after someone help us with something. Doesn’t matter who that someone is. It could be your spouse, brother, sister, friends, boss or the janitor...but above all, we thank God every morning for giving us the day to experience.

But you know, sometimes I get confuse when I said thank you so many times in a day. I always say the words after paying goodies I bought. Then it will struck me from nowhere like okay, why should I say that. I mean, I am the one who should said welcome right?? Hahaha... 

Same situation in the food court. I will say thanks (with a sweet smile) to the waitress after my food arrived on the table. You know what happen next? The waitress will assist you immediately if you need anything. Once, I ask the waitress if she can pack our leftover for the cats at home. She came back with a bulged plastic and said,”Miss I mix this with the food from the kitchen, just don’t tell my boss okay” I was speecless...

Then there is this my favorite vegetables seller. I visit her stall every afternoon to buy veggies. She always give me a special price, even give me a free veggies to bring home. All that act start with the words thank you (in reverse of course...haha). But it is not about the special price or free veggies, I never expect something like that in return. I think that special bound happen when you are sincere with yourself and to others.

And I just realized this yesterday

Sumandak : Anti, piro tii (Auntie, how much is this?)

Auntie : Sorringit (RM1.00)

Veggies packed, after paid the price...

Sumandak : Thank you auntie (blurted out just like that confidentaly)

Auntie : Miagal nopo... (same to you)

Do you know what is weird about it? I was supposed to say Pounsikou (thank you) and Inan (Auntie) but all this time, I’ve been dragging the english words to that obviously Dusun auntie...hahahaha. I should be ashamed of myself and I shouldn't do that. How can you preserve your own language when you mix it with another language? Sorry auntie, it won’t happen again...I promise :) 

So, there goes my story. Thank you may seem easy to say but believe me, it means a lot to the person who is being thanked. Start saying thank you as many as you can even if it just a small thing. Apprecaite more in your life...Don’t you feel appreciate when someone say Thank You to you?

Naaah, thank you for taking time to read kio...

PS : Mr. M is the only person on planet earth who loves to top up my credit and when I text him Thank You, he will text me back...Terima Kasih saja? (Just a Thank You?) Ingat percuma kah tu (who said its free?) I was like seriously?? I didn't even ask for it. Orait, he was just kidding okay...hahahaha 


  1. Hehhee...jeng2..apa kah dia minta lagi tu selain ucapan Thank pun main ja...

    Tentang c inan tu kan...obuli sudah tu sebab dia pun faham eng tak heran la bah kita mix with eng mana tau dorang lagi terrer tu sebab dulu2 mereka sekolah eng tu..teda melayu2 punya..heheehe

  2. sia tengkiu sama waitress certain waitress ja.. ada gia tu yg masam betul muka dia.. banci sia tgk!

    psst.. c Mr. M minta kiss ba tu! heheheh..

  3. ya..'Thank You' is a magic words for u to get close to each other. It's a symbol of appreciation.. :)

  4. Tq sumandak. Ala sa tebiasa kalo sa p pasar kan sa ckp pensikou jua tau ....mesra bh sama tu urang2 d mungkin kadan2 tecakap jua tau tu tq..tebiasa suda dgn keadaan..

  5. At least ok lg ko Jane kana top up hp tanpa diminta ni..klu sa mau mnta lu br kana relod..kihkihkih..anyway, pounsikou for this post kio ^_^

  6. @Ellen

    Dia main-main ja bah tu...hahaha
    Mungkin lah, sebab dulu-dulu sekolah urang putih juga kan...

  7. @Just

    Lucu juga tu, hahaha...but I agree with you, nanti ko mesra alam cakap TQ dia pula tarik muka >.<

    Kiss???? Buli bah kalau Mr. M (hahahahahahahahahaha)

  8. ...dulu sa cakap Pounsikou sama my grandma, grand aunties, trus sa ter pames sikijap bah sbb jarang guna bahasa Dusun ckp Terima Kasih.

    Thank you Jane for reminding us how much these word cost to us (^^)

  9. @Beaty

    Pelik kan, kita yang beli barang tapi kita pula yang ucap thank you...hehe
    Tapi its OK bah, that means we respect each other...

  10. @Ken

    Miagal nopo boh :)
    Everytime dia mau beli relod memang dia tanya telepon saya masih ada kredit lagi kah. Terbiasa sudah mangkali sebab time zaman 'tackle' rajin dia relod telepon saya...hahahaha

  11. Pounsikou to nokorikot ko hilo blog ku sumandak..haha..

    Dusun skrg sudah sampur macam tu rojak sabah suda..haha

  12. @Wyne

    Welcome :)

    Hahahaha...lucu juga tu moi, terus terpames. Sometimes kalau saya cakap Dusun language sama tu orang tua di kampung, dorang mesti tingu saya like unbelievable...kahkahkah. Mungkin dorang nda sangka kali...

  13. @Donny

    Miagal nopo anak wagu (ngam kah tu...haha)
    Saya rasa-rasa kan, bagus lah rojak daripada tidak tahu cakap langsung kan ^ ^

  14. Ui na,kalau nda pandai cakap dusun tu bikin malu tul owh.. nama jak dusun..adidi

  15. alahai, inan-inan pun tau suda makna thank u itu ba. ok jgk tu. kalau kita beradab sopan, kita akan dihormati

  16. pounsikou...hihi

    dalam bahasa2 daerah sekarang nih pon jane dah banyak dirojak-buahkan dengan english...haha

  17. Hahaha...nakal juga Mr. M ko ah..sya pun selalu juga cakap tingkiu. Not only we sya thanks to the elderly but to children too..supaya durang belajar besopan santun..:))

  18. @Biskut

    Betul tu...and I am afraid someday the original language will lost without a trace....

  19. @Gunsirit

    He always makes me laugh (out loud)...hahaha
    Good thought Mr. Guns, bagus tu untuk diamalkan...


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