03 January, 2011


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Monday Morning Motivation for today...
Everything happens for a reason,
Even if you never see the reasoning.

Did you manage to arrived at your office on time? Because the road is super jam...hehe. Guess what, I already told Mr. M to wake up early this morning (he sent me to work every Monday) but he wake up around 7 am (rolling eyes)!! Itu pun, I have to call his mum to wake him up...hahahaha. Thank God I arrive at my office on time and safely :)

Okay, times up. Need to settle things in my office first. Stay tuned, will update later and check whats going on in your blog (wink wink).

By the way regarding the Giveaway, I already published the Set 2 Question and notice that some of you who take part in Set 1 Question were not giving any answer. Did you miss it because of the holidays?? You know, I really want to give those who missed the Set 2 Question but I need to be fair because I said must give answer before 31 December 2010. What say you??


  1. I really want to wish you a great 2011 and god bless ya,, my support always,,,

  2. I woke up late today too..It was already 7.00 am and we have to punch at 7:30, kogutan saja gia..ehhe

  3. nda fair tu mandak kalau mau bg 2nd chance lg, haha


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