04 January, 2011

Double The Fun

Do you want to double the fun? I want!! hahaha...
Orait barait, last year my friend Zezebel conduct this 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest, which end this month. The gift is super-crazy! Books or RM200.00 cash...its up to you :)

Seriously, I really want to win this contest because of the books. Don't ask me why because you already know the answer...lalalalala. It is a tight competition (I know most of you join the contest too) and there is only one winner >.<

Naaaah, I want to show off (Wyne pinjam dulu ni ayat...hehehe) a little. Last year I join a contest and win this book...Princess Diaries Volumes. I think reading the princess story is more fun than watching the movie. There are some interesting part in the book, which you cannot see in the movie. Oppps, this is not a book review.

Don't worry, you still can join Zezebel contest if you want to. Maybe its too late but who knows, the luck is on your side...Chayo Chayo and let's double the fun :)


  1. Hahahaha...I just love your 'show off'!

  2. Hmmm...sya malas ba mau baca2 buku ni hehehe..

  3. @Gunsirit

    Saya tidak buli hidup kalau tiada buku :)


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