08 January, 2011

Online Bookstores

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Morning everyone...
Still no book to share today ( I will try my best next week)

Today I want to share where I normally go to buy my books. Ever heard Online Bookstore? haha...Yeah right, I prefer to buy books online. Why? Go and check yourself at the bookstores in town. The price is Rolling Stone...hahahahaha. Just kidding. The prices can make your eyes rolled to the left, rolled to the right. If my pocket is bottomless, I definitely buy the books without complaint. But if you have another option, why not use it right??

Before this, I have a favorite bookstore in Wisma Merdeka. They sell used books with an unbelievable prices. RM10 for one, RM15 for two and RM20 for three. That is the biggest temptation whenever I went there...hehehe. Sadly, they closed their store because they cannot support operating costs. Maybe I am the only one their loyal customer...hahahaha (perasan!)

After that, I migrate to another bookstore but with their 'outrages prices' I give up and dig the internet looking for another option. Without a credit card, it is a problem doing shopping at the internet. Finally, my pray answered. I found the right and trusted website ;

This is my first online bookstore experience. The prices is OK to me. What I like the most about MPH is the delivery. Delivery only takes 1 day because they use courier (you have to pay for the postage). The also offer three payments method to choose from. You can pay via Credit Cards, internet banking or cash/cheque bank in.   

I stumbled on this website accidentally. Waaaaaaaah...Cannot believe my eyes! They offer a very interesting prices. There also a section called Top Popular Books where all the books listed are 40% off! And books delivery is FREE in Malaysia. Actually, they shipped books from Singapore, so need to wait patiently for your order to arrive. Payment mode, please check here

Notes : Acmamall is an international online store selling over a million book titles and twenty thousand beauty products with over 450 beauty brands. Highly recommended!

Their motto, Read More For Less. A friend of mine introduce me this website. Their prices is super duper crazy! Great book with great prices. Check their website, you will know what I mean. If you are interested, check their website for term and condition :)

Note : Read Bookxcess Blog for book reviews and latest promotions.

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Okay, that's all. Did I give you a headache? Hahahaha....


  1. belum lagi headache. But another two weeks will be 'big kepala' for me. My 3rd year sem will resume soon...time tu bukan lagi headache tapi Myday! Myday! Myday!...;-p

  2. waw semalam sa p Times sana B..doi gia buku yang sa cari is over RM100

  3. Kakak... tolong dulu adikmu ni....
    ko cari buku yg title dia


    haha XD

  4. Without credit card? You can alway apply for a Debit card, macam ccard juga tu tapi kana lah masuk duit dulu baru pakai..hehehe

  5. hmmm..lagi mudah nak cari buku yang kita nak kan...tadi pon belek2 buku kat borders,kinokuniya...dapatkan 1 novel.

  6. Nasib baik dikat jak tu MPH di sini,sinang la saya mau tinguk2 apa buku yang terbaru.. tapi kebanyakan yang saya mau cari semua ada di Google.. jadi jarang turun sana..

  7. @Wyne

    Jangan lupa post tu mayday, mayday...kami gutung ruyung tulung :)

  8. @Beaty

    Try cari online. Selalu Acmamall murah tu...Tidak payah credit card, boleh bayar pakai internet banking juga atau bank in...

  9. @Gunsirit

    Buli pakai kad atm juga bah, kasi jadi macam tu debit card. hehe...
    Anyway, thanks for the thought :)

  10. @Biskut

    Ada juga belek-belek kat Kinokuniya but payment kena pakai kredit kad only :)
    Selalu buku yang not available kat MPH / Acmamall, ada kat sini...

  11. Wah..I love books too. thank you sharing the link..nanti sa pi beli online pas tu kita blh share2 cerita hehee..

  12. @Sumanduk Kinabalu:
    Thank you for the blog about us :)
    We hope you have a great experience shopping with us.

    You can find the book The Freedom Writers Diary here:


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