18 January, 2011

How I Make Him To Quit Smoking

Yesterday, I was reading Beaty's blog when I noticed this...Can u see the smoke. Bilala dia mau berinti ni merokok..Huiii..

Orait moi, I was in the same situation five years ago. Mr. M is a smokers, not just smoke for fun but I think he is addicted to it. I hate the smell of the smoke - I don't have a problem with smokers okay, I can mingle and respect their own choice of life. Its the cigarettes or whatever you call it...cannot accept that one. But why I fall in love with Mr. M, ask that question to God...hahahaha

In our early relationship, my brother told him the fact and advise him to quit smoking. But you know, you can't force someone to stop a habit just like that and I don't like pushing people. Anyway, we make a deal that he can smoke all he can but don't ever smoke in front of me. I really admire him in this because he agreed and whenever he is with me, he will try his best not to smoke :)

One day, we have this conversation and I ask him "Do you want to try quit smoking?". He said, "Do you want me to stop?". Then I told him, of course I want him to stop but do it for himself not for me...Do you see my point? If he stop just to please me, I am sure one day he will back to that habit. But if he do it sincerely, there is the chance he will stop forever...

After a long silence, he finally said that he want to give it a try but I must help him...waaaahhh. I was like, OK bos...whatever you want. I become his personal therapist for almost a year (hahaha)...Want to know how I  did it?

1. Food - He loves food but I read somewhere in the internet that a smoker cannot really taste his/her food.  Because their sense of smell and taste is not normal. Means he knows the food is delicious but compare to the non-smoker tongue, the taste is more than delicious.

2. Information - Seriously, I print out whatever I found in the internet. Graphics, articles...reason to quit or how to quit smoking. The effects of the smoke to others and to himself. I told him to read all the information before he went to bed...I also warn him the Withdrawal Symptoms, which happens on the first week - nausea, headache, sweating etc. It won't be easy and the temptation is too much but if you are determine to do it then there should be no problem.  

3. Reminder - I remind him once a week...Buying cigarettes is like you are making your own pre-order coffin  

4. Support - During the process, he have my full support. I give him a book and asked him to write down how he feel Before and After he quit smoking, plus the reasons why he want to quit smoking. No need to embarrassed because I am not going to read it unless he permit it...

After three months, all the efforts start showing some results. He said, his movement is easier, heartbeat back to normal...I almost can see his brown eyes sparkling, hahaha...He truly agree with me about the food and enjoying his food more than usual. He gained some weight and gained more until now! He has a bulge stomach I tell you...hahahaha

That's my own experience how I make him to quit smoking. I am not saying it is not as easy as ABC. You need to be very very patience and trust that he can do it. But in my opinion, whether you really want to let the cigarettes go or not...depends on the person. As I can say, I don't like to push him...but in the end, we both succeed :)

PS : I am not a certified therapist or whatsoever, this story is from my own experience. Whether you want to accept it or not, its up to you...and please take note that this story is for sharing purpose only. I didn't mean to insult or offense anyone but if I hurt you PLEASE FORGIVE ME...

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  1. I like the point no. 4 = suruh dia tulis before and after smoking (^^)

  2. Itu perut si kawan bha.
    Sengaja ka mau tunjuk tu? Hahahahaha....
    Sihat bha kalau tidak merokok. Rumah pun tidak berbau.

  3. @Wyne

    Supaya dia tahu tu different...
    Tapi kan sampai sekarang he didn't permit me to read the book...hahaha

  4. @Taukeh Tokek (haha)

    Bukan sengaja tapi terupload...hahaha. Sama lah tu kan...
    Betul bah. Jangan kan rumah, baju, rambut, badan...semua tidak berbau :)

  5. Wah moi..bgus boss ko ni kan..I try my best tau mau kasi stop dia tu. Eventhough the price of Dunhill was increase more than double price, but they have other alternative. He buy the duty free cigar..Premium or Era.He say he will stop smoking once the Era/ Premium price is increasing. Tp kalo sa tunggu kan ,...wah lama lagi ni..nanti I try ur tips mana tau boleh work with him..Thanks for sharing moy..

  6. wow. congrats to ur loved one. finally he stopped smoking.. Wah, mmg hebat ko ni jadi therapist hehe!

    I am lucky because my hubby don't smoke. He smoke lah dulu time budak2 krn pengaruh kawan (ni dari cerita dia lah sbb sya nda pernah nmpk dia smoking). Masa masi belajar di matrikulasi in Malacca year 1999(we both met there), dia tiba-tiba dpt tau entah dr mana sya ni tidak suka lelaki yg smoking ba, then dlm diam2 dia quit smoking, then baru dia proposed mau couple sama sya haha.. maybe dia survey2 dulu jenis lelaki mcm mana yg sya suka dan tdk suka..haha! funny juga lah sya rasa. But i respect his effort. :)

  7. @Beaty

    Good Luck moi :)
    Remember, don't push him too much. Use a gentle way...most of all, be patience. Tidak boleh paksa tu, nobody can change habits in the blink of eyes. Unless dia ada penyakit kronik, itu lain cerita lah...

  8. will blog bout this later.. :p

  9. yang kira rapat sama ko pun tia tau ni pun mo blog pasal ni la..hehehe..buli pinjam gambar ko di atas tu..hahaa

  10. I have been a smoker for years!! and I have tried every possible means to last will power juga bah yg manang...kalau tidak ada keiginan 100% susah juga mau stop. Saya stop because I think I will die earlier if I continue..jadi saya jadi lah yg makan sigup punya hehe..


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