22 January, 2011

Dream Tide

Its Saturday, what do you plan today...or are you working like me?? hehe...
Last Saturday Stella asked me if I buy all the books that  I share. The answer is YES :) I picked book to share from my own collection, I buy it myself and some of it are from family and friends... 
No book to share today, just a poem from the book Dream Tide by Robin Lee Hatcher. I enjoy reading and collect words, phrase, lines or whatever I like inside the books and this poem is one of it. It is very beautiful, isn't it??

Dream Tide 

In dreams I found you 
We strolled in fields of clover 
We laughed amid the wildflowers 
We danced beneath the moonlight 
We loved until the dawn. 
Too soon, the dawn... 
Now I’m awake and wonder 
Were you real, my love 
Or an illusion of my heart ?

PS : Cannot wait for my books to arrived :)


  1. Hi Jane, today I'm working too...tapi mau pulang suda ni..hehe!

    Happy Reading Moi! (^^)

  2. C mandak memang bookworm owh...wah

  3. beautiful poem.

    i always dream i found him but he is just an illusion... :(

  4. khayalan itu tidak pernah menyakitkan..

    so,lebih bagus ilustrasi hati dari yang nyata.

  5. Hi Sumandak!

    just wanna ask u bah..ko di kk ka? i mean u stay in kk kaitu aa?

    bkn apa..i'm planning to have a blogger's meet up on Jan 29th..u free that day? ^_^

  6. aku novel melayu pun sudah pening tgk tulisannya. apa lagi buku english

  7. saya jalan2 tadi lepas tu layan bola sekarang..hehe
    selamat berhujung minggu sumandak..

  8. Sorry ganggu..=)

    Saya sudah follow blog awak..
    Awak bila nak follow blog saya..


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