19 January, 2011

Ellen's Birthday Coverage :)

Welcome to Jaws Restaurant at 1Borneo (its HALAL, don't worry). Located at the first floor and thats all I can provide you about the location...hehehe. If you are interested and want to come, just go to 1Borneo shopping complex and ask around for direction because this is not a restaurant review (hahahaha). This is about Ellen's Birthday Coverage :)

- 1Borneo Shopping Complex, Sabah -

Orait barait, last week Ellen celebrate her birthday here. As you can see, I am one of her guest list :) Seriously, I am tired that day but I already promise her to come and promise is not to be broken unless you have a very good reason. Thank God I manage to come or I will regret it for the rest of my life...hahaha. Just kidding okay, of course I will come no matter what...

I am glad that I come. We have a good time there, really enjoy the Buffet Steamboat. Spend almost 2 hours eating, eating and eating...hahahaha. I cannot imagine (don't want to imagine) how much fat I collected that day but who cares?? Fat can burn later but friendship is something we must appreciate while we can. Only RM20nett/person maaah,  the concept is eat as much as you can. Furthermore, Ellen warned us not to stop eating...whoever surrender first become the loser >.< I think I am the first one to surrender....hehehehe.

Burrrrrp...super duper full tummy. Its felt so heavy to rise from the chair... 

After the eating session, we planned to practice our voice at the KBox but its full. Thank God...Imagine a group of peoples tried to sing desperately with a full tummy. Kahkahkah...Anyway, I have to go early because I cannot stand the tiredness anymore >.<

Ellen :)
Thank you Moi for the treat :) Wish you all the best in the future. God bless you and take good care of yourself. You inspired me to work hard on my blog, showing me that nothing is impossible (her followers already reach 2K I tell you). Keep up the good work and hopefully Nangnak will give you more BE so you can treat us again...hehehe


  1. Waaa... siok ooo.. nnt kita pun gathering blogger aa... tp sia warn awal2.. perut sia kicil ja ni kecuali for udang!! hahahaha..

  2. @Just

    Bisa diatur :)
    Ko nampak tu sumandak yang ramping-ramping tu, kalah saya oo...Dorang lagi yang berabis makan nie, macam bottomless perut dorang nie...unbelievable! hehehe...

  3. haahahaa..Thanks Jane for this d very siok and mengharukan punya entry..heheehe

    Just...ok tu..bah apa lagi, bisa di atur tu..tu orang ramping cakap..dont under estimate kono org ramping and kurus, selera menyakinkan sungguh..miahahaaha

  4. wow..itu makanan..punya bnyk.. haha! berpppp..kanyang hehe

    siok owh kamurang hehehe

  5. Yummy...

    Time2 hujan di KK, ngam betul kalu mkn2 soup mcm steam boat.

    Bah, atur perjumpaan kita...hehe!

  6. @Ellen

    Jangan nangis moi...hahaha
    Ngam ni kan kita buat perjumpaan bloggers...

  7. @Stella

    Makan sampai terlebih kenyang tu...Kalah saya sama tu sumandak yang ramping-ramping :)

  8. @Wyne

    Itulah moi, nda siok ni kalau makan 2-3 orang...Mau yang ramai-ramai baru happening.
    Mau atur lah nie tapi siapa kunun ketua?? Ellen kali yang ngam, sebab dia pandai yang hal booking-booking nie...hehehehe
    Nanti saya kasitau dia lah...

  9. ba, sia ada d kk 4/3 till 7/3... 4hb tu ja sia free!! heheheheh...

  10. Emm...malas sya nampak tu makanan dia..saya diet baini...ahhahaha...anyway, nice picture..ngam butul tu makanan dia bikin pusas..

  11. pweet kirim salam sama tu baju mirah arr.. haha

    Mandak,kesian tu gipan kau tidak kasi tinggal untuk saya ...

  12. waaaa..kenapa aku tidak dijemput oleh si ellen...

    makan steamboat c-food tuh...huhu.


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