29 January, 2011

Eight Lives Down

Title : Eight Lives Down
Author : Chris Hunter
ISBN-10 : 0593058607
ISBN-13 : 978-0593058602

Visceral and compelling, Eight Lives Down is the most exciting and nerve-jangling work of military non-fiction since Bravo Two Zero.

If fate is against me and I’m killed, so be it, but make it quick and painless. If I’m wounded, don’t let me be crippled. But above all, don’t let me f**k up the task.

So goes the bomb technician’s prayer before every bomb he defuses. For Chris Hunter, it is a prayer he says many times during his four-month tour of Iraq. His is the most dangerous job in the world — to make safe the British sector in Iraq against some of the most hardened and technically advanced terrorists in the world. It is a 24/7 job — in the first two months alone, his team defuses over 45 bombs. And the people they’re up against don’t play by the Geneva Convention. For them, there are no rules, only results — death by any means necessary.

The job of a Bomb Disposal officer is a lonely one. You are alone with the sound of your own breathing and the drumming of your heart in a protective suit in forty-plus degrees of heat. The drawbridge has been pulled up behind you as you advance on your goal. It’s just you and the bomb.

But for Chris Hunter, just when life couldn’t get any more dangerous, the stakes are raised again. (source : Amazon

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I said to my friend Biskut perhaps I will share a book about soldier's experience this week, so here we are...Seriously, I don't know how I am going to share the story. There also the hesitation. I am afraid some people might not like it or blame me for this because this is a real story, a bomb technician real experience while in Iraq. So please take note aaah, I do not support any party who involve in this story...

Let's just say that Chris Hunter (the bomb technician) is sharing his experience of what it was like to be terrified, how his family coped with his time away and the ever present danger of losing him, and how soldiers like him react to the pressures of the day to day grind in battle. 
I cannot imagine how anyone can live in place like that. Terrified, playing with death day and night. There is a scene where soldiers mingle with local kids. One of the kids asked if he have children and wanted to see how they look like. When he asked about the kids ambition, one of them said she want to be a doctor someday. I really touch by the answer, a place like that...still, kids never give up and believe someday they can achieve their own dreams.
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Moral of the story, appreciate where we are right now. We have beautiful and peaceful country. it is not easy to build the understanding with each other so don't do something that can ruin the long established trust. We have freedom here but don't take it for granted...Have a great weekend everyone.
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  1. happy weekend dear.

    takmo la perang-perang kan? hidup elok2 tak boleh ke? :)

  2. I like action movies and books about war. But I don't have the time to read...sebab DDT saja bah..ehhehe

  3. tanx jane...

    citer betul tentang pakar bom nih hampir sama dengan yang difilemkan dalam the hurt locker..sekurang2nya kepakaran dan bahayanya tugasan tuh hampir sama.sangat suspen apalagi bila bom tuh berada dalam kelompok orang ramai.

    perang mungkin tidak elok tapi kehidupan dowank kita patut tahu sebab bukan semua rela untuk pergi perang dan alami situasinya.

  4. emm..teda ceta antu ka mandak? haha


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