02 January, 2011

Ramblings On The Second Day Of 2011

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The second day of 2011...How is your new year so far?
Holidays is over, school session is back and yes be ready for the traffic jam tomorrow! 
Seriously, I don't know what should I write today (it always happen to bloggers...hahahaha). Aaah, maybe I should tell everyone that my blog is already 1 Year Old (clap your hand pleaaase...) 

Okay, I know I am still GREEN about this blogging thing, still so many things to learn out there. Furthermore, there is nothing to be proud about my blog because it was still 'lintang pukang' and after one year I still cannot found my niche. 

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BUT above all things, I cannot believe I can go this far. I mean, in the beginning I am not sure if my blog will survive but hey...its not bad at all. At least I can be proud of myself :) Maybe this year I should put a little more attention on my blog. Busy like there is no tomorrow?? I will learn or find a way how to manage my time...hahaha. Seriously, most bloggers I meet were super duper busy but they still have time to update, reply comments in their blog. DETERMINATION, I think that is the word I should put in my 2011 chapter :)  

After plus, minus, divide (been thinking about this quite a while) this year (and in the future) my blog will be more to PERSONAL or something like that. Because I think I am more comfortable with it, writing easily without a headache of course >.< If I choose one topic...something like entertainment, women, art or bussiness for example. I will have to write on that topic only, which I don't have the skill...hahahaha.

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PERSONAL is more like me, I can share about anything and everything without worrying I am out of topic. Only one thing will stay...I will continue to write in english even though my grammar is not that good (hahaha). So, if you found any let me know. Who said blogging is wasting time? If we take the opportunity in a good way, we can use this blogging area to encourage each other, learn and share to improve our skill.     

Orait barait, enough of my ramblings. Before I go, I would like to say a big thanks to someone (you know who you are) for introducing and encourage me to blog. And my dear friend Zezebel, I always appreciate your opinion and for being very helpful when I need one. And to Ellen, thank you for teach me about Nuffnang, hahahaha. When I need explaination, I know I can count on you :) 

And of all my followers. Millions of thanks for your support. Without you all, Sumandak Kinabalu Little Corner is nothing. You know all rocks!


  1. It's good to think positive about blogging. Sharing is beat it! (^^)

    Keep up with more entry...biar lah lintang pukang ko rasa ini blog ko, janji masih ada pembaca...hehe!

  2. ala, mandak, grammar sy pun teruk ba tp melalui blogging la try kasi improve kan? Ndakan mau bantai speaking ma kwn2 opis pla, kena umban kita nanti haha

  3. Keep it up Jane..chaiyo2..ko buli tu..kuatkan semangat ja..rasanya nanti ko akan jadi seorang blogger yang berjaya..cuma kena usaha lebih sket...

  4. Thanks for the support :)


    Biar lintang pukang, janji ada pembaca. I like that one...hehe


    You are right. Lucu pula saya ingat kalau bantai cakap di opis...hahaha


    Yes. Akan berusaha lagi nie...terus saya bersemangat baca komen ko nie...


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