07 January, 2011

This Is It!

This is it, here I stand. I'm the light of the world I feel grand...Please ignore, I was just singing MJ's song...hehe. Orait everyone let's check it out, Sumandak Giveaway contestant list :)
  1. Okayarms - 9 Points
  2. Gunsirit - 19 Points
  3. Nor Adzwaty Rokkafella - 22 Points
  4. Stella - 27 Points
  5. Wyne - 32 Points
  6. Jayne - 14 Points
  7. Mrs. Graig - 14 Points
  8. Beaty - 14 Points
  9. Just - 27 Points
  10. Biskut - 14 Points
  11. Azura - 27 Points
  12. Zezebel - 27 Points
The points are audited by Miss Joan. If you are not satisfied or got something to complaint, do let me know ASAP kio :) and of course sudah terang lagi bersuluh, the 5 Lucky Persons are...

  1. Wyne - 32 Points
  2. Stella - 27 Points
  3. Just - 27 Points
  4. Azura - 27 Points
  5. Zezebel - 27 Points

Can you believe that Wyne, you are the top one! hahaha...I mention earlier that lucky winners can choose what they want. Starting by the first, second and son on but as you can see, there are 4 winners with the same points. So Stella, Just, Azura and Zezebel will have to answer few more question to determine your position. Be ready for the next round amoi-amoi semua...hehe. After that, if the points still the same then I will arrange your position by your comments rank...which mean early bird catches the worm. Agree??

For the others, thank you for taking your time and join the Giveaway fun. I really appreciate it and consider your participation as your support for me. I do realize that some of you miss the Set 2 Question. I apologize for not following the schedule as I promise, I didn't mean it...Don't worry, there will be next time. I just hope, you won't give up...

- Miss Joan, The Auditor -
I laugh a lot you know, reading all the guesses...especially to Gunsirit, I don't know where on earth did he got Mr. M = Mr. Marcus. I nearly fell from my chair laughing, seriously! 
Moral : Don't ever drink and answer questions at the same time. The result can make you choked >.<

Winners...take a peek here, maybe you want to know which one will be yours (pssst...Wyne, you can start pilih-pilih but don't tell now kio. I will announce when...)   

1st lucky person can pick 3 stuffs
2nd lucky person can pick 2 stuffs
3rd lucky person, 2 stuffs
4th lucky person, 2 stuffs
5th lucky person, 2 stuffs

P/S  OMG! All the winners are amoi-amoi....hahaha


  1. Wyne, saya pinjam gambar mu kio :)

  2. yahooo.. sia msk dlm list!!! buli2 4 org sama points!!! hahahahhaha... ba, sia tggu the next set questions! kasi kama yg sinang2!! hihihihi...

    Sis mouren - jan ambik semua aa... hehehe...

  3. waaa.. c wyne lucky ah mandak..
    bha bila lg ko wat bgni ni mandak..

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ketawa besarrrrrrrrr saya hari ni. Memang sa tidak percaya oh yang sa paling TOP!!

    Nah, nda beranti lah sa senyum2 ari ni...hihihi!

    Bah, pinjam saja tu gambar sa. Bila lagi sa mau 'show off' di tempat ko ni...haha!

  5. hahahaha, adeh sa masuk juga ka? happy bertubi-tubi! uiii sa mo prepare la ni, prepare cermin mata sa yg paling tebal untuk korek info ko, ekekeke! :)

  6. Minta maaf ya, cos i tak particpate in this,, may be next time ya...

    have a great weekend and god bless ya

  7. 14 point jer jane...hurmm,terima jak aku nih.ya lah aku questions 2 tak dapat jawab.

  8. wow.. ready for the next question la pula ni..ok..ready..hehehe...:)

  9. Aiyaaa...19 points...sikit lagi oo dapat hadiah sudah...M=Marcus, saya antam2 saja ba tu..akakkaka

  10. ada hadiah untuk saya ka..opss nda da join pun mo kaka hadiah...BTW tahniah untuk semua yang menang...hidup amoi2....sedap tu..miahahahaha

  11. wuuu...congrats to all...melepas aku hahaha...mandak ko bikin lg byk GA...mcm siuk tau hehehe...


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