13 January, 2011

Super Busy Update :)

Oh my God, super busy today. I don't even have a time to update my blog and guess what...I am addicted to this thing! Thanks to a friend who introduced me this blogging thing. Orait barait everyone, will try my best to visit your blog tonight so wait for me kio :)

I want to share something before I go. Remember my entry about Online Bookstores....Naaah, I cannot believe I got a special comment from Acmamall. What a surprise...they also leave a special comment to my sister Joan :) Thanks Acmamall for dropping by. I feel very honor :) 

For my Giveaway winners, give me some time to post your gifts kio :)

 PS : Show off kijap...haha
Sorry about the picture, belum pas pasal print screen >.<


  1. hahahahah.. mo ikut sis mouren show off sdh skrg aa...

  2. sama lsa busy jua sa sempat sa update...malas mau fikir ni keja

  3. Wow...super bz ah...jgn talampau show off ah..heheh

  4. jangan show off pun mo p survey2 buku online la ni..hehe


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