28 January, 2011

Counting The Days

Counting the days to visit grandma, cannot wait for the day to come :)

Mr. M said he want to buy Siupu a pair of shoes (I know he miss that little boy...hahaha). Siupu is my aunt's son. Very talkative and very fluent in Dusun language. When compare to me, it was like OMG (hahaha) and like grandma, he loves telling stories. Of course he got the stories from grandma, where else kan...sometimes he creates his own story which can make you laugh out loud...

Then there is Kuratas, Siupu little sister...this little girl also very talkative and guess what, I cannot sit next to Mr. M if she is around because she will be furious at me (they said she have a crush on Mr. M...HAHAHA). Naaaah....really miss them (sob sob). If they know we are coming, they will asked their mum hundreds of time when will we arrived (sigh) 

Mum is coming with us and she already mention that she want to go to this place. What place, will tell you next week (haha) and I know Mr. M will be the happiest person on earth to drive us here and there because he himself loves to 'jalan-jalan'. I hope we can forget our busy and demanding work for a while during the holidays. Holidays supposed to be a jolly days right?? hehe... 

PS : What is your plan for the holidays??


  1. wah...cute o nama siupu dan kuratas..anak sis joanna ka jane..hehe

  2. @Ellen

    Ya, auntie Joanna punya sweethearts :) Nama panggilan bah tu, haha...Nda sabar dah ni moi, kamu macam ada konvoi tu kan ^ ^

  3. teda p mana2..maybe balik rumah mentua ja hehe..and lawat2 parents sya.

    wah, p mana kamu jalan2 tu?..

  4. @Stella

    Masih rahsia...hahaha. Belum tau bah jadi kah tida, mum punya plan. Begitulah dia tu, asal pulang kampung ada saja rancangan :)

  5. Saya rindu gila2 sama anak buah saya..huhu

  6. that is mount kinabalu right? right behind you??

    omg...i love the scene!

  7. @Zezebel

    Go home lah mandak...watching and playing with them is like a tan of burden has been lift off from our shoulder

  8. i have no plan coz i have no holiday..hihi

  9. @gadisBunga

    Yes, my dear...that is the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu. But the lady in the picture is not me. That is my sister, 3 years younger than me. They thought we are twins...haha

  10. Bila nampak gambar-gambar ni, macam sya terRindu mau balik kg oo..walaupun 1 jam ja masa mo balik di kg sya. Bila kamu cuti ni mandak? Scenery kampung ko macam di Switzerland oo..:))

  11. @Mr. Guns

    Next week, cuti-cuti CNY :) Di Ranau ja bah tu Mr. Guns, hehe...

  12. mandak..dia di lahad datu..haha...kalau d umah, nda payah saya mau angau2 ehehe


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