20 January, 2011

My Long Forgotten Flickr Account

I was checking my email this morning when I saw that someone added me as a contact via my long forgotten Flickr account. Seriously, I completely forgot I have an account on this site....hahahaha. Maybe I'll activate it back. Just a maybe okay ^ ^ because I don't want to get a 'headache' when you have so many things to handle  with one brain and two little hands only (tau pun...hihi)

I join Flickr years ago just for fun. A friend of me insist I join and upload a pictures to share with the world. I only manage to put a few pictures there before I gone missing without a trace (hahahaha) is some of the pictures...

Lobster Claws


Uncle's Boot :)


Mount Kinabalu

Blue Sky
- My Favorite Picture -

Sumandak Kinabalu
Sumandak Sabah :)

Most of the pictures were taken at Kundasang, Ranau :)
The last picture is the one that I've been looking for...Apparently, all this time the picture is hiding and floating somewhere on the internet...hahaha

PS : Do you have Flickr account?


  1. ada...add la as contact hehehe...

  2. hello sumandak kinabalu,,im from sarawak and i married sabahan sumandak,,and we will move to kk next month,,im anglers died crazy,,can u suggest me the fishing paradise at sabah particularly at ranau or kundasang,,,tQ..

  3. lamanya tak pijak bumi sabah...owh rindu merasai suasana sabah..

  4. @Anonymous

    Thanks for reading my blog...
    Fishing area in Ranau/Kundasang...I am not very sure. I was born there but I live in Kota Kinabalu most of my life :) Only went back there on holidays...don't worry, will try my best to answer your request. How can I contact you??

  5. Sa pun ada account flickr tp nda tau still 'on' or not.

    Like you said tidak mau tambah headache bah ni...tu lah malas mau tinguk2 di sana

  6. @Wyne

    Ko pun ada pula moi, hehe...
    Sama lah nie, baru niari saya perasan saya ada join ni site :)

  7. sy smua jns akaun pn teramat jarang utk d cek..tnggu la kalau ada masa nanti..huhu

  8. ui..sumandak sabah bah ni..hehe.. nice photos u have there, aku suka kundasang...!!

  9. Wow, cantik butul oo kampung ko sumandak..kalau saya disana 24 jam sya ambil gambar...itu pun kalau teda tumpung la..ehhe

  10. pweet..kirim salam sama sumandak ranau..putih2 owh ..


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